Bulldog Care

We love English Bulldogs and although we might be bias and think our little Rambo is the best bulldog in the universe, we’re actually in LOVE with all English Bulldogs. We get asked all the time from friends and strangers about bulldog care and thought it might be nice to document Rambo’s history here in hopes that it would help other bully owners or ones that are thinking about bulldog adoption.

Every rescue bulldog is different and Rambo’s diagnose is unique to him. If your bully needs care, we recommend you take them to see a professional veterinarian. It’s a little known fact that bulldogs are high maintenance and their care can be quite costly. Many owners underestimate the amount of a bulldog’s care and they are often given up because their expenses are too much for a family to take on. We recommend pet insurance just the same as health insurance for any family member of your own, but due to Rambo’s pre-existing conditions, he does not qualify for most insurance plans. To offset his medical care, Rambo has a special Fido Fund set aside just for him.

{Love & Care}

  • Wrinkles: Twice a day, we clean Rambo’s wrinkles and he has plenty of wrinkles to go around. We specifically clean his morning sleepies under his eyes, and the rolly polly a.ka. rope which is the roll above his nose. This area is generally stinky and smells like cheese, but with appropriate care, he smells quite nice.
  • Nose: To avoid a crusty and dry nose, we apply bag balm on his nose to keep it smooth. Bag balm may be purchased at your local pharmacy store, such as a Walgreens or Rite-Aid.
  • Medication: Rambo will be on medication for the rest of his life which includes a daily pill. We throw it in with his breakfast and he hardly notices that it’s even there. When he is being difficult, we put the pill inside a banana or dip it in some peanut butter and that will do the trick every time.
  • Care: Every month, Rambo indulges in a spaw day. This is where he gets his monthly bath with a deep conditioner, nail trimmings, ear cleaning and his blueberry facial. Yes, Mr. Rambo has a blueberry facial every month…that lucky dawg.

{Common Issues}

  • Interdigital Cysts: When we first took Rambo in, his left paw had one cysts that would not go away. Successful treatments have included 10 minute paw soaks in warm water mixed with 1-2 cups of epsom salt twice a day. They’re painful nodular lesions located in the interdigital webs of dogs and the most common cause is a deep bacterial infection. English Bulldog are particulary prone to these babies because of the short bristly hairs located on the webbing between the toes. I’m happy to say that today Rambo is completely free of interdigital cysts and his paws are happy and healthy.
  • Skin Issues: After 6 months at home, Rambo had an unexplainable outbreak that our primary vet just couldn’t seem to figure out. It came out of nowhere and took us for quite a scare. We took him to the recommended animal dermatologist where they shaved him for multiple skin scrapes and cultures. They also ran various blood tests and checked his liver. After all the test results came back, Rambo was diagnosed with Pemphigus Foliaceus, a relatively common skin disease among dogs. Symptoms include scabbing, scaling, blistering, and other lesions on the dog’s head, feet, and under belly. The disease can quickly spread and worsen if left untreated. We were concerned when we noticed a few bumps, but in a matter of days, Rambo’s entire body (including his sweet face) was filled with these nasty bumpies. Pemphigus is a disease that results when the body’s immune defenses attack its own skin. Something interferes with the recognition process and treats the skin as if it were a foreign substance. With the right treatment and medication, Rambo was back as new in no time and has never looked any better!

{Recommended Animal Dermatologist in Southern California}

  • Animal Dermatology Clinic
    2965 Edinger Ave
    Tustin, California 92780
    Phone: (949) 936-0066
    Fax: (949) 936-0071
    Email: infotustin@adcmg.com
  • We really can’t thank Dr. Rosenkrantz enough. He’s been Rambo’s dermatologist since his diagnosis and continues to watch him closely with monthly follow up visits.

One thought on “Bulldog Care

  1. Kimberly Duke says:

    Thank you for this wonderful site! I am hoping to adopt a bulldog soon.

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