Two Weeks Gone By

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already! It was just the other day when my Valentine’s due date came and there was absolutely no sign of a baby coming. I was starting to feel a bit stressed because I knew that if she didn’t come in the next 7 days…I would have to be induced. As we laid in bed, I was telling Ricardo all of my worries and he jokingly massaged my hand telling me that he would induce my pregnancy with acupressure. He had no idea what he was doing, but something worked because I was feeling a little “funny” the next morning at 6am.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my water was slowly leaking. I waited it out for a bit and convinced him to go to work that morning. By 11:30am, I had a few strong contractions so I called him to come home. As we checked into the hospital, I was convinced that she was going to arrive that night on the 15th, but midnight passed and all the nurses confirmed that she was going to be born on her papa’s birthday! We took a nap for a few hours until I started pushing around 3:30am and she arrived a little over an hour later at 4:57am.

hello isabella

I had a fever when Isabella was delivered so I only saw her for a brief moment before she was whisked away to the NICU while I was in the delivery room. It killed me that I wouldn’t be able to see her for a few hours so Ricardo spent some time with her while I took a nap and then by late afternoon, the nurses allowed me to go see her. For precautionary reasons, she was ordered to stay in the NICU for a week to receive antibiotics and to also treat her jaundice. It never occurred to me and Ricardo that she wouldn’t be coming home with us so that was definitely the hardest part.

We’ve had Isabella at home for 8 days now, but on day 3…Ricardo told me he was bored so I told him that we were packing our bags and heading up to San Luis Obispo for our first road trip. He was a bit nervous, but I was excited! We left last Thursday for the Farmers’ Market and stayed until Saturday. She did great on the drive and I imagine this is only the start of many more adventures to come. I made a few calls and had everyone meet us at Ricardo’s favorite pizza joint for a mini surprise party since we never really had a chance to celebrate his birthday.

happy birthday ricardoNow that we’re home and it’s a lazy Sunday, I have one more day with Ricardo until he goes back to work tomorrow. Hmm…time to start making more plans with my little mama!


Let’s Sail Away…

I’ve finally learned how to boil the perfect egg! Thank goodness for the internet…what did we ever do before it was invented?


I’ve probably made deviled eggs twice in my life and it’s one of Ricardo’s favorite dishes, but we never really have them. The first time he ever had them was in elementary school and they were made into little sail boats. Imagine his disappointment when he learned that not all deviled eggs came in the shape of a sail boat! You know how your significant other tells you a story so many times…it just sounds sillier and quirkier every time? Today, we get to sail away…




The Secret Surprise

Looking back, I laugh at about how I told the hubby that we were expecting. I waited one week before telling Ricardo on Father’s Day last year. This was probably the longest time I had ever kept something from him, but to be honest…the timing was perfect. So on this semi-normal Sunday, I snuck out that morning to place a little paddington bear and his favorite childhood book that his mom used to read him, along with a Father’s Day card on a bench along the path we walked Rambo. When he came across the bench, he had to do a double take and kept walking thinking what kind of weirdo would leave all that stuff on a lonely bench. That weirdo was me so I had to confess that maybe he should take a closer look – I was laughing so hard I almost pee’d in my pants.

At first, he thought it was so sweet that he was receiving all these gifts because he’s a papa to Rambo. And then he opened the card and realized the surprise…we were going to have a baby!

surprise, surprise

He was in utter shock and disbelief! It took him a few minutes to finally get it as I cried uncontrollably at the park. Then we hugged and finished walking Rambo holding hands all the way home.

Fun Friday Adventures

Happy Friday and February 1st! Might you wonder why I am so happy? I’ve had this fear of baby making an early arrival in January the past few weeks. Now that we’re here, I wonder when she’ll make her debut. The little one and Ricardo actually share the same due date…but Ricardo was born two days late so he ended up arriving on 16th. He’s hoping that they’ll end up sharing the same birthday which would be so sweet, but what are the chances of that happening?

Ricardo took the day off and we spent the morning going on fun adventures. We started the day off with breakfast in Seal Beach and then made our way to the Farmers’ Market at The Grove in LA. We picked up some treats for Rambo and boy was he spoiled – we couldn’t refuse the Bulldog Bars!

three dogs bakery

We took a lovely stroll around the market and ended up at Loteria Grill for a snack – mama munches all day long. Holy guacamole, this was the best nachos I’ve ever had with a yummy papaya fresca.


We made our way towards downtown LA for more foodie adventures and then eventually decided to come home because we were pooped out. The weather was beautiful, the traffic was horrid, but all in all – we need more weekday adventures like these!

Freezing Soups

Throughout my pregnancy, I haven’t had much of any crazy cravings, but there were some things I especially loved like Special K Red Berries. I had this for about 2 weeks straight for breakfast and lunch! Peanut butter, soups, and desserts have also topped the list. Since we don’t have much family and friends in the area, I plan on freezing a few meals ahead of time so we don’t end up starving or ordering in takeout too much. Some recipes on my list include:

  • Poblano Corn Lasagna Squares
  • Chicken Enchilada Casserole Squares
  • Baked Ziti Squares
  • White Bean & Ham Shank Cups
  • Macaroni & Cheese Wedges

Ricardo can then just steam veggies or make a side salad to go with these easy meals. We cook dinner every night, but I imagine that won’t be the case when baby arrives so frozen entrees should offset the nights where I’m unable to cook. I had some extra ham shanks left over from a split pea soup the other week so I decided to try a white bean soup. Someone suggested freezing soups in silicone muffin pans on pinterest and I just think it’s the most genius idea ever! I wrapped them all up individually and placed them inside a large ziploc bag. Reheating should be fairly simple and with a dash of tabasco, we’ve got yummy soup in no time! If you have any delicious freeze ahead recipes, please send them my way. I’d love to try them out!


Officially Counting Down…

It’s my first day of maternity leave so we’re officially starting the countdown for baby’s arrival. Her room is almost done, there’s just a few more things I need to do like organize her closet and pack my hospital bag. BFF Becca was kind enough to come over this weekend to go over two big bags of baby clothes that Jasmin & Joel gave me last week. We had a lot of fun and I’m so thankful for her help because she was a pro at organizing the dresser. I had no clue what I was doing and still don’t…heehee.

sneak peak2

Although I have some time off, I also don’t want to be too bored so I made a list of things to do while on leave:

  • Get a Pedicure
  • Finish Nursery – Clean Closet
  • Organize Linen Closet
  • Go On Walks
  • Read More Books
  • Watch Movies
  • Cook More Meals & Try New Recipes
  • Review Costco Car Insurance Options
  • Take Rambo to See Doggie Dermatologist
  • Create Bottle System in Kitchen
  • Have Dim Sum & Milk Tea
  • Drop Off Donations at Goodwill
  • Pick Up Lightbulbs for Kitchen
  • Blog a Little Bit More

I promise myself that I would get ready every day and try to not stay on the couch for too long. Rambo is kind of a bad influence so if I stay away from him, then I can stay away from his cuddles. Today’s activities include cleaning out the linen closet, taking Mr. Rambo to see his doggie dermatologist, and picking up some dim sum for lunch! I’ll be back soon 🙂

Our First Advent Calendar!

Whew…what a day it’s been! We just finished our Super Saturday child birthing class which took place from 9am – 5pm so I am really glad to finally be home. I am pooped! But it’s the first day of December and there’s a project that I’ve wanted to post about for weeks. Yesterday, I brought home an advent calendar that I’ve been working on for Ricardo. We didn’t grow up with one, but I have been meaning to make one for years! I bought Ricardo one of those chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe’s one year, but I came home one night to find 8 of the windows popped and the chocolates were all gone. Talk about no fun!

For the next 24 days…there will be a little surprise in each box. Some don’t necessarily contain a treat, but it might have a fun task. Stay tune for a month full of little surprises…

advent calendar

advent calendar-day1

Nursery Inspiration

Happy belated Thanksgiving friends! We made our way up to San Luis Obispo this past weekend to spend turkey day with Ricardo’s family. After returning from our trip, I’m starting to feel like we haven’t done much to prepare for the arrival of little bambina and I’m a bit worried to be honest.

A few things have been ordered, but we only have one thing done. After testing 5 paint swatches on the wall and staring at them for a long week, we hated them all. Then the last color Ricardo picked out at the hardware store turned out to be the most perfect minty mint and I was so overjoyed that we finally had a paint color. I didn’t really have a theme or a color scheme in mind at the time, but as soon as Ricardo showed me the room, I knew that mint paired with mustard would be our colors with a touch of coral and blush. As we collect more things for the nursery…I’m hoping it turns out close to what I’m picturing in my mind.

Baking Along at 26 Weeks

Our first doctor’s appointment was around 9 weeks along and this was when the doctor confirmed that we were really pregnant and we also located the baby’s heartbeat. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect that day, and I just remember me and Ricardo laughing at the silliest things while we were in the waiting room.

It’s amazing to learn about her progress each week because not long after her jelly bean ultrasound, she was waving us a little hello at 12 weeks. She was still waving us hello at 20 weeks, but we couldn’t believe how much she had grown by then. There’s lots of little movements going on right now, but I have yet to feel her give me a real hard kick. We might have one more sneak peak of her in the belly before she arrives, but if not…she’ll just continue to bake along.

Small Space Living for Baby?

When Ricardo found out that he was going to be a papa, his first instinct was to move into a bigger place. I thought a bigger place would be nice too, but honestly…I love our little condo and I’ve really grown to embrace small space living. I’m a semi-hoarder and Ricardo is a minimalist so you put us together and he’s taught me how to purge lots of useless things. Living with less is so rewarding. After a lot of thinking and looking around, I mustered up the courage to tell him that I didn’t want to move. We looked at small bungalows around the area, but most small homes in Long Beach only come with 1 bathroom and rent would be significantly much higher so we decided to stay.
p.s. I HATE moving.
Our second bedroom was an office, but it needed to go if we were going to turn it into a nursery. I know this sounds crazy, but I always thought our dining room would make a great office. After proposing the idea, he was a little hesitant…but then came around. One week after all our stuff was hauled away to his sister in San Luis Obispo, the dining room turned into an official office space.
It’s become sort of a little sun bathing spot for Rambo so I think he likes the change too. I kept a teeny tiny work table that’s not pictured, but it’s really all I need so I can’t complain. Besides that, I packed a lot of things away in storage boxes.
What to do now with no dining room? I eat standing up a lot so it’s back to the breakfast bar and coffee table for our meals. Or I can use this as an excuse for breakfast in bed during the weekends…

Always In Our Hearts

To know Ginger was to truly love her. Ginger came to us in early August and when I met her, I was a smitten kitten. Her bulldog affections were out of this world…we were constantly smothered with hugs and kisses by this little one. Her and I shared a kindred spirit. I was just a few weeks along in my pregnancy when Ginger came into our lives and I learned that she had been a mama twice…so we had some mama vibes going on. On days that I wasn’t feeling too well, I looked to her because I knew she was the only one in the house that understood me.

Ginger’s family had recently lost their home and was no longer able to care for her. While under their care, she had never been fixed and mated twice with their pitbull. When we took her home that night, we gave her a bath and the water ran black and brown for what seemed like forever. Even as I dried her off, our towel was filthy, but she would never even know her own condition. She was just happy to be in a new home and two days later…I took her for her first spaw day complete with a blueberry facial. She came out looking brand spankin’ new.

Ginger unexpectedly passed away in our home Friday night in her sleep. All signs point to a bad heart so it could have been congestive heart failure. She was 7 years old, a senior bully in many ways, but she had a heart of gold. There are no words to describe the grief of of losing our little Gingerbread…the sadness comes in waves throughout the day so I have to remind myself that she is now in a much better place. Ricardo is taking it pretty hard because if you understood his love for all our bulldogs, then you would know he would do anything for them. Every morning, he would tell us all how much he loved us equally – there was not one he loved more or less. You never understand the true feeling of loss until it’s one of your own. I’ve gone through my entire life never been to a funeral which I count as a blessing in many ways. I’ve never lost someone close and Ginger is truly the first loved one that I’ve ever lost. It’s hard to believe that she’s just no longer here.

She was recently spayed and was very much ready for adoption. I had asked Ricardo every day if we could keep her permanently because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go. Not long after I found out we were having a girl, I sent him this photo and told him we had to keep her now, because who else would wear a tutu…surely not Rambo.

Just the other week, we gathered everyone in bed and Ricardo read Curious George to baby in the belly. When he was finished, we both looked up and Ginger and Rambo were snoring away at the foot of our bed…it was a tight squeeze that night, but we let her sleep with us because she usually took her spot on the couch. I’ll miss finding her in our bed sheets while I got out of the shower, she always managed to sneak in after Ricardo left for work climbing up the pet steps all by herself. She had the cutest wiggly butt and often times pushed Rambo ouf the way to get our attention. She was a charmer for sure…even had two motor cops stopped at a red light sending her smooches while she sat in the backseat for a car ride last week. She leaves behind her favorite Hello Kitty blanket, which I can’t seem to part with at this time.

When you don’t have children yet, your pets are truly your babies. They completely rely on you for their well being and care. They offer you nothing but unconditional love so how can you not naturally give that back to them in return. I had already pictured all of us celebrating Rambo’s birthday this month and including her in our holiday photos this year. She was a keeper, which was why I was procrastinating on finishing her adoption bio. We can only hope that she understood how much she was truly loved and that we will always have her in our hearts. I’m going to miss most those big brown eyes and bulldog kisses that never stopped once they started coming. A part of me really wasn’t ready to let her go, but it seems like a part of her was ready and she did the letting go for both of us. Ginger, you’ll always be our little mama!

What Will it Bee?

What will it bee…what will it bee? As soon as we found out we were expecting, a lot of my gender preferences went away and I was just excited for baby. But for the past few months leading up to our anatomy scan, I had been daydreaming about the little one…wondering day and night if it’s going to be a baby boy or girl. We are more excited for baby as each day passes and it’s all finally setting in. I hope you were thinking pink…