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A Pretty Print Set

One thing I love is working with a bride who has a clear vision of her wedding day. Emily had this very pretty, but simple logo that she wanted to incorporate in her paper goods. We worked together and came up with a wish tag, place card and thank you tag that came together for a charming look.


A Grey & Yellow Bridal Shower Gift

How time sure does fly! My little brother was engaged this year and a few months flashed forward…they tied the knot at a beautiful venue in Northern California. I was unable to make it to my new sister in law’s bridal shower, but I thought it would be fun to send her a little package color coordinated with her wedding scheme.

She’s an extremely talented graphic designer so I wanted to do something fun and zesty for her. I included candles and a refrigerator notepad for their new home, top & bottom sleepwear tucked inside printed glassine bags, and a party pack streamer kit for future celebrations. This all squeezed perfectly inside a grey + yellow felted square box, am I the only one that has a thing for small containers?

All the Buzz | Brides 2011 Feature

Hello friends…I’m still here, I promise!! It’s been a little hectic the past few weeks, but now I can let you in on my little secret and fun surprise! Last month, I received an email from BRIDES Magazine and they were interested in seeing my wish tags from my etsy shop. They were having a photo shoot the next day and asked if I had any samples that I could possibly send overnight to their New York office so I rushed home and grabbed a few samples to send off.

They told me I wasn’t a shoe in, but you never know so I crossed my fingers and toes. A few weeks go by and I hear nothing until I received another email….hip hip hooray…my tags made it into the magazine for the June 2011 Issue! It’s now on stands and my emails are flowing like mad which makes me super excited. If you’re at the bookstore, I hope you take the chance to pick up an issue and peruse. It’s a small feature…but it makes me so excited! Enjoy!

Sacramento – Part II

Tara + Marc had a most amazing and beautiful wedding. Their ceremony was at their local church  and I have to say the Pastor’s message was perfect for their big day. It was sweet, yet meaningful and completely reflected who they both were as they joined their lives together.

And the reception. WOW!!! They had visited The Kitchen awhile back and loved it so much, they decided to have their wedding reception here. It’s definitely a dining experience Ricardo and I both won’t forget! There’s only one seating for the night and the food seemed never ending! To be honest…I had a first glimpse of the menu since I helped Tara with the design and knew it wouldn’t disappoint!

It totally fel like we were invited into a Top Chef’s kitchen for the night! There were no rules here at all and I LOVED that…

  • They encourage substitutions!! Ricardo doesn’t eat quail, duck, or seafood and they were completely accommodating to his needs. There were also a few vegetarians and pregnant ladies at the wedding so they were so wonderful about special dietary needs or food allergies.
  • We were able to walk around the restaurant and back kitchen and totally interact with all the chefs!
  • You can have anything you want here. You can have seconds, thirds, etc. for any of your favorite dishes. You can ask for a grilled cheese sandwich if you have a craving. You can have dessert first if your heart so desires. The staff is on point and it’s pretty much your wish is their command…and they’re so happy to do whatever makes you happy! You have the option to do a wine or beer pairing with each course..or just have Coca-Cola Classic. Seriously…it just doesn’t get better than that!
  • The sushi intermission was INCREDIBLE! There were also spring rolls, oysters on the half shell, calamari and an assortment of delicious sashimi options! Yum…

Can you tell how much fun we were having with the staff? Since dessert was already a part of the menu…Tara asked Becca to make this WONDERFUL felted cake to have on display. Isn’t she just amazing? At the end of the night, there was a white glove tea service and coffee.  I think this is the kind of restaurant I’d love to come back to celebrate a special occasion for like an anniversary or birthday! Ahh…their menu changes every month and I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I hope soon!

Dinner was an all night event and if you’re someone who really enjoys and can appreciate good food, The Kitchen is a must try. Congratulation Tara + Marc on your wedding day and I hope you have a relaxing time in Kaua’i!

‘Tis the Season for LOVE…

Hello, hello! I’ve been so busy lately… I’ve barely had time to blog, but I HAD to at least get in one last post before the new year!!! The Christmas season always seems to bring lots of joy and love and who could possibly resist?? Ricardo and I spent Christmas weekend in San Francisco this year and had a most wonderful time…we’ll have to fill you in later.

Onto more exciting news…I’m so happy for these macho macho men and lovely ladies who are now officially engaged!! They both said “yes” to marry their silly men the same week!! Can you believe that?? That they actually said yes!? I’m kidding of course…I think one of the best things about being engaged is when you have other girlfriends who are also engaged! My best friend and I married the same year and I have to say planning a wedding with her was an absolute JOY…and yes…I totally called her crying one night because of wedding woes, but she knew exactly what to say to keep me calm. Girlfriends are truly the best!

Robin and Irene…Congratulations! Ricardo and I are excited about your next adventure and what an adventure it’s going to be! Rob is probably one of the most hippest guys I know and now that he’s finally put it a ring on it…I hope his boss knows that his fiance is as pretty as he is and stops asking him about his “partner.”

Tim and Diep…Ricardo and I are happy like little hippo’s for you both! We wish you love, joy, and blessings for this exciting time in your lives. I would advise Tim to keep brushing up on his Vietnamese (I am quite impressed by your vocabulary by the way)…and I hope Diep is prepared for endless years of  fun times ahead with this never boring fellow. I’m sure there will always be delicious travels, followed by a hard workout afterwards 🙂

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! We’re off for Vegas tomorrow night so hopefully…I’ll be able to stay up until midnight. Ciao to 2010 and here we come 2011!!!!!

Sweet, Sweet Love!

There’s gotta be something in the Northern California water these days!

My dear and very long time friend Binh is now officially engaged to his lovely Jenn. Congratulations you two! I can honestly say they’re perfect for each other. I don’t know anyone else who can keep up with Binh’s dancing, but Jenn sure can and she can shake it just as good as he can.

There’s quite a few more engagements I’m waiting to hear about….ahem…you know who you are out there! So I’ll wait patiently and maybe the Christmas spirit will bring some sweet love during the holidays.

So I’ll include a confession in this blog to keep you slightly entertained. You see…I always thought I would be engaged during the holidays for some reason. It was Christmas morning 2007 and Ricardo was super excited to give me this small box. I was also waiting in anticipation because I thought…OMG…this might be it, BUT something didn’t feel right and I was right because it didn’t happen that day.

Fast forward a few months to Valentine’s Day 2008! Flowers were delivered to my office and I came home to rose petals all over our apartment and a beautiful candlelit dinner. It was utterly romantic and I was pretty darn confident that it was going to happen that night….but it didn’t. I was a little disappointed, but I was also just completely perplexed and confused more than anything. When you live together for as long as we have…you pretty much know when you’re ready for the next step so I thought for sure we were going in that direction.

But you know the saying that things happen when you least expect it? Sure enough it did one month later and I couldn’t have asked for it any other way. Ahhh….sweet love, who could resist?

Wedding Wish Tags…

Most of our wish tag orders from Seafoam Safari are custom made for weddings, but I have yet to see any photos of them until this morning. Rebecca and Joel married this year and I just love her festive wishes table! It’s definitely exciting to be part of someone’s special day even in the most smallest ways…

Anthony + Christina | Engaged

I’m so excited because I heard wonderful news this past weekend that my dear friend Anthony is now ENGAGED to his lovely Christina. Antho was always popular with all the ladies, but every once in a while…I would sneakily try to see how long we could hold hands before he started to giggle and blush uncontrollably which would send me into hysterical laughter because his giggles are quite contagious.

He’s one of the most funniest guys I know and always smiling…even on days when we were all taking our final exams. I sent him an email this morning to congratulate him on the good news and he replied with such joy:

“Thanks Ange!  I’m still beaming with happiness this morning.  What a great way to start off the week – Feeling lucky to get a great fiance, and Giants make it to the World Series.  My emotions took a ride this weekend and I couldn’t have it any better than this.

We really miss you both!  Let us know next time you come up to visit.

Did I mention how happy I am today?”

Knowing how happy Antho is makes me almost tearful…Congratulations to Anthony + Christina and a life filled with holding hands!

Lots of Excitement!

There sure is lots of exciting things in the air lately!

Derek + Diem are expecting a new bundle of joy next year and I can just see Sophia’s playdate calendar filling up already…they’re going to be best friends forever. I can’t believe time has flown by so fast and it feels like just the other day they got married in pretty Carmel. Congratulations you two!

Tara + Marc are now officially engaged! I’m so excited for them and their new life together. I’m also excited for her wedding plans…it’s going to be wonderful.

Weddings and Babies…I’m not sure how much more exciting you can get when you mix the two!

Prints Made Easy…

Finding prints for your home can be frustrating and also expensive. Not only do you have to buy the prints, but often times there are mats and frames you’ll need to purchase as well. I wanted to add something special and simple to our office so I took our wedding logo and had a mix of our promises, vows, and ring exchange text flow in the background.

It was easy as pie! Any other ideas for affordable prints and wall decor?

Wedding Reception Confession

I have a confession. I’ll start from the beginning. Ed and I are practically BFF’s and he would call me frequently throughout his engagement to chit chat about wedding planning. Our girl talk goes way back to when we were in college. When I asked him about the menu…he told me the vegetarian dish was actually quite tasty so mushroom ravioli’s it was! Ric chose the steak as he always does.

Our table was full, but there was one person missing. Louie. He was busy video recording the wedding and was sitting at a table in the back near the camera. When I told him he was at our table…he was surprised to find out he even had a seat assignment so I told him if he chose steak and didn’t come for it…I was going to eat it! All playing aside of course.We laughed it off and it was so funny at the time.

Until…his steak came and he never came back for it. True to my word, I seasoned it and had steak for dinner. Priscilla even snapped a photo for proof. She’s so sneaky!!

I mean…someone had to eat it right? We had a ton of fun and there was absolutely no skimping on the open bar. I just can’t hang with these wild girls…

girls: jen, diep, ada, katy, karen, irene, priscilla | boys: joel, dan, derek, ricardo

Don’t the hubbies look so darling? Ricardo has a love for vests so he always wears one with his suit.

married couple cat & ed | katy + elaine | antho + dan | cute couple binh + jen

I love weddings!! Until the next one…

p.s. *thanks for the photo’s katy + priscilla

Congratulations | Ed + Cat

Welcome to the club Ed + Cat…the married club that is! You were both beautiful, your wedding was beautiful, your open bar made everyone else feel beautiful…hope you’re having a wonderful time in Aruba!

photo from joel canlas' mobile upload stolen from facebook