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Catching Up…

This past Memorial Day weekend went by too fast! I didn’t do any of the things I should have done, but definitely all the things worth doing. For so many years when Ricardo was in school, I spent many weekends doing thing by myself. Now that we have weekends to spend together, each one is like a mini adventure and oh how I LOVE them! We thought about going away for the long holiday, but after so many busy weekends…we decided to stick around with the bullies.

Sometimes, we have visitors that unexpectedly show up in Southern California, but rest assured…we will always find a way to keep them entertained. Confession – we’ve been on both the TMZ Bus Tour and the Hollywood Stars Home Tour. Both were awesome.

I’m really loving this undone french braid beachy waves look. I braid the night before and let them go the next morning  with a spritz of hairspray for some texture. For extra kinky waves, try it with two french braids. You can also steal some of the hubby’s fancy hair pomade to work through the ends. In honor of beachy waves, we took the doggies for a sunset walk along the beach. We learned that Rambo likes the water and Joe is deathly afraid of the waves.

Summer is finally here and to celebrate…I picked up a pair of fun Seychelles sandals.

I just finished Mindy Kaling’s book and this popular trilogy. If you love The Office, then Mindy’s book is a must read. I’m tempted to start this risqué trilogy…should I?


Bulldog Buddies

People often ask us how well our resident dog (Rambo) gets along with our foster dogs. You see, Rambo thinks he’s human…an old man to be exact because he really doesn’t care too much for other dogs. He tends to ignore them when he knows he has to share his environment. It took him a few weeks to warm up to our foster dog, but he has slowly been letting Joe into his personal space. Just the other day, he let Joe snuggle up with him on the couch and since these occasions are so rare, they’re really quite sweet when you catch them in action. Although, whenever I try to snuggle with the hubby, Rambo finds a way to squeeze in right between us…I think he’s trying to tell me something.

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

We made a rule that we would make our valentine’s day gift this year so I was thinking of what I could possibly come up with. I loved  the dog blueprint I found on Uncommon Goods, but the bulldog they had pictured didn’t look like our little hambone and frankly…I couldn’t afford the print and wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. I also wanted to customize the print with his name and actual measurements so I attempted to design one for the hubby. It took me a few tries to take the perfect profile picture of him, but I managed to get one that would work and had a friend turn him into a line drawing. I’m happy to say that Ricardo completely loved his gift so now we just need to find a home for it.

Ricardo actually broke the rules and bought me a lovely gift, but it came with the sweetest card from him and Rambo…complete with Rambo’s paw print signature that he dipped in ink pads found in my craft box. Don’t worry, no english bulldogs were harmed in the process ♥.

Keeping Me Company

It’s 1:30 in the morning and we just picked up Ricardo’s parents from LAX an hour ago. They were flying in from Guanajuato, Mexico and he’s driving them back home to San Luis Obispo as I write this post. My guestimation puts him there by 3:30 am for an estimated time of arrival. I tried to convince him to have his parents spend the night, but his parents had already endured quite the journey from Mexico and he thought they would be happier to spend the night in their own bed. I completely understood and love him so much for being so thoughtful.

It’s hard to sleep when your other half goes missing so someone else is just going to have to keep his side of the bed warm until he returns. Looks like I didn’t need to ask this guy twice…don’t you love how he tucks his arms in under his belly?

Pet of the Month

Hooray, Rambo was named “Pet of the Month” by the Animal Dermatology Clinic for November! Although we have a primary vet, the Animal Dermatology Clinic has been such a wonderful place for Rambo. I know I haven’t talked much about his health lately, but this little guy definitely has some issues. The hubby thought it would be helpful for other bulldog owners or ones that are thinking about adding to their family hear about Rambo’s experience so I’ve created a “Bulldog Care” page that you can check out here: Bulldog Care. You might be surprised to hear that he isn’t in the most perfect condition, but he is happy and healthy and that’s all we can ask for.

Oh, the Places We’ll Go…

Rambo’s belated birthday gift finally arrived tonight and I was so excited…I started assembling! The hubby wanted to wait until the weekend, but I couldn’t resist.

The hubsters has called me twice this year for an emergency pick up because Rambo had splatted out and refused to continue their walk. There was also one occasion when he thought the little guy could make it to the dry cleaners which isn’t far for us humans, but it was too far for the monster. So yes, he picked up Rambo’s 58 lbs. butt and carried him for one whole block in his arms, crossing a major intersection. The little red wagon, which I’ve named Clifford, can now take him farther than his little legs can go. Sunny weekends, please come back to us soon!

Rambo’s First Birthday!

Today, we celebrate Rambo’s First Birthday, but he’s not turning 1…he’s actually turning 4! That makes us all the same age in the Navarro house….28 human and doggie years. I can’t believe we picked up his little booty exactly one year ago today on a sunny, but slightly chilly morning. I remember us frantically picking up all our doggie care items from Petco and then taking him home and staring at him for hours. He didn’t eat a thing and our rescue coordinator warned us that he wouldn’t because of his new environment.

The first few weeks were scary. He would constantly cry in the middle of the night and Ricardo even once tried taking him out for a walk at 2am because he didn’t know what else to do. But today…he is the love of our life!

After all the pup cakes were gone…there was nothing left to do, but sleep. Until next year…

Our Old Man

A free weekend has finally come and I’m so excited to do a little bit of house cleaning and staying in. The past few months have been a little busy, but we’re now slowing down a bit to enjoy fall and all its festivities. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through October and before you know it…the holidays will be here! And with colder weather around the corner, there will be plenty more snuggling with this old man.

Tempting Tea Towels

For some strange reason…I’m starting to have this weird thing for tea towels! My newest one just came in today and I’m so excited. It was on clearance at Anthropologie and I couldn’t pass it up…funny enough, Ricardo LOVES it!!! It kind of reminds us of someone we know…

February Update…

Hello Friends! Hmm…I’ll try to catch you up with the most recent happenings. I know February is a short month, but I had no idea it would go by this fast. It’s been really hard for me because I want to so badly update my blog, but life totally gets in the way. Anywho…this is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks….

We took Rambo to his first ever bulldog beauty contest in Long Beach the other weekend. He was excited and happy to see tons of bullies, but the day warmed up fast so we only stayed for a short while. This made me want a girl bully because they were all so cute, but WoW…some of these little guys were mighty beefy!

Bulldogs really look like little monsters… Jenny + I agree they look the cutest when sleeping. We picked up a jersey for him from our little outing and he quickly fell asleep when we got home. Please excuse the sheet on our couch…he sheds a ton of hair so we make him sleep on a sheet when he’s not on his doggie bed.

Then Ricardo came down with the flu and poor guy was out for 4 days. He was still recovering on his birthday so we celebrated with dinner at home. This year…I was more practical with gifts and gave Ricardo some simple, but loving gifts…a potato masher for Valentines Day and a mat for his awesome new office chair. I so badly want his chair…

Now I just have to decide between white and terracotta….such tough decisions:

Married Life: It’s amazing how we never seem to run out of things to talk about, but more than anything…I really wanted to brush up on my spanish and I found a pretty fun way of doing so. Every night at dinner, Ricardo pulls out a card from our table topics (Spanish edition) and asks me a question.  I try to answer it to the best of my abilities…no worries; there is also an English translation on the card.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of shopping and home is definitely becoming more comfy cozy! My favorite purchases so far have been a variety of fun factories by Pearson Maron over the Christmas season and a bookend with yellow boots from home goods…

I would like to one day add the “cloud factory” to my collection…it comes in small and large 🙂

 I’ve also got a few fun projects in the works and parties to attend for almost every weekend in March. I feel a little out of touch with folks lately so I would LOVE to hear from you!!! Send me a text, or email…or call and we can video chat…or better yet, send me a snail mail! Ciao!

Weekend Mornings…

I love, love, love weekend mornings! Since the work week is so long, Ricardo and I relish the weekends. They really are too short, aren’t they?

A lot of people ask us if Rambo sleeps in bed with us??!? I’ll be honest that for awhile we did, but he became quite the night terror. He’s the sweetest snuggle bug since he pretty much wants to be where ever we’re at, but we weren’t getting much sleep with him. I usually find him underneath Ricardo’s desk if he’s studying, at my feet while we’re having dinner or on our couch while we’re watching t.v. So on the weekends in the wee morning hours when he starts to whine like a little baby…I unlock the baby gate to the bedroom and he jumps into bed right between the two of us…and the snoring begins:

He has a doggie bed that I think he’s starting to like more and more since we no longer have carpet flooring…but we think the couch is still his favorite spot.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Until the next one…

Christmas Crafting Part II

I think Megan was officially the first one to meet our little rambunctious rambo when she spent the weekend with us a while back. Good thing she likes it when dogs lick her in between the toes because that’s exactly what he did. When she sent us photo’s of Rambo…we totally fell in love with him all over again.

Katy also joined us for a day of fun crafting that weekend. Since she just recently got her hands on a gocco machine, we did a little tutorial lesson printing gift tags and Megan photo documented all the fun…she’s practically a gocco pro now. I can’t wait to see all her printing creations soon.

Thanks Megan for the all the fun photographs!