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Our First Advent Calendar!

Whew…what a day it’s been! We just finished our Super Saturday child birthing class which took place from 9am – 5pm so I am really glad to finally be home. I am pooped! But it’s the first day of December and there’s a project that I’ve wanted to post about for weeks. Yesterday, I brought home an advent calendar that I’ve been working on for Ricardo. We didn’t grow up with one, but I have been meaning to make one for years! I bought Ricardo one of those chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe’s one year, but I came home one night to find 8 of the windows popped and the chocolates were all gone. Talk about no fun!

For the next 24 days…there will be a little surprise in each box. Some don’t necessarily contain a treat, but it might have a fun task. Stay tune for a month full of little surprises…

advent calendar

advent calendar-day1


Three Hundred + One

Hi everyone…so sorry for the light posting in recent weeks. I feel like weekends are always too short and before you know it, they’re gone! I’m not sure how I missed my 300th etsy sale this week…but we’re up to 301 sales! Hippo Hooray is all I can say! The shop needs some major updating so maybe the long weekend will help get me in the mood. Hmm…I feel like celebrating!

Their Biggest Adventure Yet!

After I left for college, I managed to stay close to a handful of friends from high school and one of them was Melissa. I can’t remember what drew us so close together, but I think it was her sense of adventure that was really infectuous. It was our senior year and we started this list of 101 things to do that would make our year memorable and we had to document as many as we could. We took a photo on a firetruck wearing firemen gear and I took my first motorcycle ride on the back of a Harley Davidson because of her. Those were definitely good times!

The wonderful thing about Melissa is after all those years, we always pick up where we left off no matter how long we go without communicating. She’s now engaged to Craig, who is wonderful and a Laker fan so you really can’t go wrong. He also proposed at the top of Machu Picchu {swoon} –> I’ll always be a hopeless romantic. They have a great deal of fun together and know how to make each other happy so I am genuinely over the moon that they’ll be getting hitched!

I received their LOVELY Save the Dates this past week, a collaboration between her creative self and designer sister, Kristi. I especially love the kraft paper and simplistic, yet playful font types.

{Side Note} I actually have a funny story about Kristi that I never even told Melissa! We were trying to be creative and were making cards at her house one day in high school. We were looking for materials and she decided to steal/borrow some of Kristi’s crafty eyelets. I had never seen an eyelet in my life and I just thought they were the neatest craft invention ever so as soon as I got home, I ordered every eyelet color known to mankind online. Flash forward 10 years later…I still have my collection and I know exactly who to thank for my lifetime supply of eyelets ♥

Taking the Leap…

I spent last Wednesday night at a Leap Year party hosted by the fabulous ladies from Utterly Engaged. I met the lovely Lucia and super sweet Henny who are extremely down to earth and truly know how to throw an amazing party. I’m sure they’ll be posting up photos of their soirée soon. They encouraged us to be a part of The Leap Year Project, a community of people taking action to change lives, communities, or our world for the better in 2012! This got me thinking just a little bit…

I’ve always been a fearful person, mostly for my fear of failure, but the hubby has really helped me with that these past few years. He’s encouraged me to take new risks and that I’ll never know what I’m missing out on if I don’t give things a chance. He’s the one person that’s 100% supportive of all my ideas, even the crazy ones, and I can always count on him for an honest opinion.

This made me think of last year and the exciting business projects I was able to work on. One big project was with Jenny who hosted a chemistry themed bridal shower for a close friend and had asked me to help with all of the paper goods. Since my own wedding, this was one of the bigger projects I had taken on and I really enjoyed the many different parts it entailed. I think the most fun part of working on a project like this was the different vendors who all came together and made a unique contribution that pulled the entire event together to complete Jenny’s look. Who knew that she’s not only a talented photographer, but also a great event planner?

Featured on: {Style Me Pretty} and {Utterly Engaged}
Photographs by: {Alders Photography}

Not long after that, I was blessed enough to host my best friend’s baby shower. I wanted it to be as unique and special as she was so up until the night before the shower, I was up until 3 am finalizing all of the details. My problem is that I never truly have a clear vision of my end goal. I have visions of my many little projects and then I cross my fingers that they come together. For the most part, I’ve been really lucky. My goal this year includes finding more ways to grow my etsy business and in turn, that would help me find more ways to give back to the community. Here’s to more pretty parties for 2012!

Featured on: {On to Baby}
Photographs by: {Megan Tsang}

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

We made a rule that we would make our valentine’s day gift this year so I was thinking of what I could possibly come up with. I loved  the dog blueprint I found on Uncommon Goods, but the bulldog they had pictured didn’t look like our little hambone and frankly…I couldn’t afford the print and wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. I also wanted to customize the print with his name and actual measurements so I attempted to design one for the hubby. It took me a few tries to take the perfect profile picture of him, but I managed to get one that would work and had a friend turn him into a line drawing. I’m happy to say that Ricardo completely loved his gift so now we just need to find a home for it.

Ricardo actually broke the rules and bought me a lovely gift, but it came with the sweetest card from him and Rambo…complete with Rambo’s paw print signature that he dipped in ink pads found in my craft box. Don’t worry, no english bulldogs were harmed in the process ♥.

Celebrating the Last of His 20’s!

This past week, we celebrated the hubby’s 29th birthday! I think it’s a little bitter sweet for him. It’s one more year before he turns 30 and I think for men…that might make them feel a little uneasy. As always, you know how I LOVE to celebrate! Since it’s the last year of his 20’s, I sent him on a scavenger hunt all around the house finding little gifts here and there with a “last” theme. Other gift ideas not pictured below could be a watch for ‘last minute’ or something fun for ‘last hurrah.’ For ‘last shot,’ I gave Ricardo a rubberband gun for fun. I think this would be a great idea for any birthday year before a big milestone, which already has me thinking of the big 3-0! Hmmm….so much to think about it.

I’ll be posting about my handmade Valentine’s Day gift soon so stay tuned…

Happy February > Love Garland

Happy February!  Who doesn’t LOVE little pretty hearts on the most romantic day of the year? I was in the crafting mood last month so I picked up some felt and made a little love garland to celebrate Valentine’s Day this month. I hand sewed my garland with clear fishing line…a nice trick to avoid obvious stitches through your hearts.

I convinced Ricardo to cut me a heart and I don’t know who taught him to cut hearts in grade school….but it doesn’t look like he knows the secret of the half fold. Happy February!

Pretty Packaging for Less

I’ve been a little obsessed with the Target $1 bin lately…there are so many goodies that happily greet me on my way into the store. I recently shipped out some belated gifts and the packaging worked out perfectly. The gift on the left was packaged with a $1 scallop felted grey box and I also bought a pack of heart lace doilies and heart felt stickers for $1. The packs came with more than enough for one gift so I can’t wait to find more fun ways to use them. The gift on the right was packaged by one of my favorite shops in Long Beach and I loved how they used yarn with the flower paper. This is something I’m definitely going to have to try. After a while, I get really tired of gift wrapping so I’m always trying to find more creative ways to package gifts…plus, I live with a hubby who goes gaga opening up packages. Speaking of which..his birthday is right around the corner. Time to put my thinking cap on…

Snail Mail Love > From New York City

Just this past week, I came home to the sweetest snail mail from my girly amigas, Megan & Karen! It was filled with so much love and I couldn’t help giggling the whole time. It included all the things I adored, along with a quote from Albus Dumbledore and a Save the Date for the next Star Trek Sequel in 2013! There were secret pockets filled with sweet surprises and parts of it that folded over, in and out. Although stamps are going up, I sure hope snail mail sticks around for just a little while longer.

The Family Christmas Card

I have to admit…it took me a few years to consider the whole family photo Christmas card idea. Before you knew it, those were the only cards we were receiving and our mantel overflowed with pretty holiday photos. We took the leap this year with none other than Jenny from Alders Photography, someone who we felt really comfortable with and we were also excited to reunite with her. We actually ended up with two designs…one printed version which I ordered online and one e-version card that Jenny designed for us. I completely love them both!

I received a lot of questions about our return address and I have a simple trick since stamping with two colors seemed like too much work. I flipped them over and ran the envelopes through my inket printer. Our wedding motif was reused and for a little festivity, I added on some reindeer antlers. Easy peasy, isn’t it? Until next year…Merry Christmas Everyone!

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! Every year we pick up our Christmas Tree from Todd’s and this year wasn’t any different. We were going to pick up a Rambo size tree, but we just couldn’t resist when we got there. I’m the most horrible tree decorator so earlier this week, my friend Daniel from work took me on a mini shopping trip to help me pick out some new things. Who knew there was more to a tree than just ornaments…there are pretty beads, fun foliage, and funky fillers to give your tree that extra holiday boost! I’ve really been missing out much too long…I think this tree is going to stay up past the New Year.

Updated Blog Look

Hello friends…the blog has once again been updated to a new look. I hope for more changes to come in the future but for now…this will work. Enjoy!