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Always In Our Hearts

To know Ginger was to truly love her. Ginger came to us in early August and when I met her, I was a smitten kitten. Her bulldog affections were out of this world…we were constantly smothered with hugs and kisses by this little one. Her and I shared a kindred spirit. I was just a few weeks along in my pregnancy when Ginger came into our lives and I learned that she had been a mama twice…so we had some mama vibes going on. On days that I wasn’t feeling too well, I looked to her because I knew she was the only one in the house that understood me.

Ginger’s family had recently lost their home and was no longer able to care for her. While under their care, she had never been fixed and mated twice with their pitbull. When we took her home that night, we gave her a bath and the water ran black and brown for what seemed like forever. Even as I dried her off, our towel was filthy, but she would never even know her own condition. She was just happy to be in a new home and two days later…I took her for her first spaw day complete with a blueberry facial. She came out looking brand spankin’ new.

Ginger unexpectedly passed away in our home Friday night in her sleep. All signs point to a bad heart so it could have been congestive heart failure. She was 7 years old, a senior bully in many ways, but she had a heart of gold. There are no words to describe the grief of of losing our little Gingerbread…the sadness comes in waves throughout the day so I have to remind myself that she is now in a much better place. Ricardo is taking it pretty hard because if you understood his love for all our bulldogs, then you would know he would do anything for them. Every morning, he would tell us all how much he loved us equally – there was not one he loved more or less. You never understand the true feeling of loss until it’s one of your own. I’ve gone through my entire life never been to a funeral which I count as a blessing in many ways. I’ve never lost someone close and Ginger is truly the first loved one that I’ve ever lost. It’s hard to believe that she’s just no longer here.

She was recently spayed and was very much ready for adoption. I had asked Ricardo every day if we could keep her permanently because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go. Not long after I found out we were having a girl, I sent him this photo and told him we had to keep her now, because who else would wear a tutu…surely not Rambo.

Just the other week, we gathered everyone in bed and Ricardo read Curious George to baby in the belly. When he was finished, we both looked up and Ginger and Rambo were snoring away at the foot of our bed…it was a tight squeeze that night, but we let her sleep with us because she usually took her spot on the couch. I’ll miss finding her in our bed sheets while I got out of the shower, she always managed to sneak in after Ricardo left for work climbing up the pet steps all by herself. She had the cutest wiggly butt and often times pushed Rambo ouf the way to get our attention. She was a charmer for sure…even had two motor cops stopped at a red light sending her smooches while she sat in the backseat for a car ride last week. She leaves behind her favorite Hello Kitty blanket, which I can’t seem to part with at this time.

When you don’t have children yet, your pets are truly your babies. They completely rely on you for their well being and care. They offer you nothing but unconditional love so how can you not naturally give that back to them in return. I had already pictured all of us celebrating Rambo’s birthday this month and including her in our holiday photos this year. She was a keeper, which was why I was procrastinating on finishing her adoption bio. We can only hope that she understood how much she was truly loved and that we will always have her in our hearts. I’m going to miss most those big brown eyes and bulldog kisses that never stopped once they started coming. A part of me really wasn’t ready to let her go, but it seems like a part of her was ready and she did the letting go for both of us. Ginger, you’ll always be our little mama!


Celebrating 50 Days with Joe!

Have you ever wondered how far a little bit of tender, love and care could go? I know many of you have seen photos of Joe (our foster bulldog), but not many know what he really looked like when he first arrived. Joe was in really bad shape the day we took him in. His hind legs were very weak and every little noise startled him. He was covered in scabs, missing hair, and skin rubbed raw…it was as bad, or worse, as you’re imagining. I remember thinking to myself that if he can get through this much and still be here…then surely I could bring him back to good health, always optimistic.

Today is special because we’re celebrating 50 days with Joe! It’s amazing how far he’s come along and I look forward to his progress every day. He’s starting to look like Rambo and they’ve become really great playmates. He’s slowly gaining weight, starting to be protective, cries for attention, and snores like a tugboat for a such a small bully. We really don’t know how much time we have with Joe, but we’re enjoying every minute of it. Happy 50 days little guy!

Bulldog Buddies

People often ask us how well our resident dog (Rambo) gets along with our foster dogs. You see, Rambo thinks he’s human…an old man to be exact because he really doesn’t care too much for other dogs. He tends to ignore them when he knows he has to share his environment. It took him a few weeks to warm up to our foster dog, but he has slowly been letting Joe into his personal space. Just the other day, he let Joe snuggle up with him on the couch and since these occasions are so rare, they’re really quite sweet when you catch them in action. Although, whenever I try to snuggle with the hubby, Rambo finds a way to squeeze in right between us…I think he’s trying to tell me something.

Meet Joe, Our Newest Addition.

When Ricardo called me from the vet’s office to tell me about Joe, I bursted into tears. He was found in a field all alone and scared, but I know he’s super smart because he had built himself a little den to stay protected. Joe isn’t quite ready for adoption yet because he’s in really bad shape, but we are determined to bring this little fellow back to good health. We think he’s about two years old and we’re not sure if he ran away or was abandoned, but you can tell he’s been through a whole lot. He has the sweetest face and demeanor, but is completely covered in scabs and has patches of missing hair all over.

They’re always so shy and timid with us on their first night, but he quickly found his way around the house and even claimed his sweet spot on the couch. He is going to need lots of love and care the next few weeks. As he progresses along the way, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date. Until then, meet Joe…the newest addition to our foster family.

Love & Letting Go

This week, we said goodbye to Noel. Before I met her new adopted owner…all four of us joined hands and paws and said a little sweet prayer for her new adventure. We wished her good health and a long and happy life. We told her how much we loved her and how she’s been such a good girl. For 13 days, she brought our home so much joy with her youthful energy and her little pitter patter around the house is going to be deeply missed. The process was much harder than we imagined, but we know she’s now in great hands.

Meet The First Noel

The First Noel…that’s what we’re calling her because she’s our first foster bulldog.

Noel was a stray dog before she arrived at an animal shelter and then shortly before Christmas…she came to the Southern California Bulldog Rescue, which was why she was given the name Noel. She was chipped and attempts to reach her owner were made, but they just weren’t interested in picking her up. She truly is a sweetheart, loves to cuddle and is quite affectionate. She looks remarkably close to our little Rambo and could very well be his long lost sister.

She’s a full English Bulldog and I’m hoping her charm will get her one step closer to a new home. She’s healthy, energetic, and ready for a family to give her lots of hugs and kisses. Her first few days were quite exciting…she was anxious, antsy, and easily amused by the smallest things. It’s kind of like she’s still a puppy!

We’re on a new adventure here in the Navarro house! There are so many wonderful reasons to foster, but we did it primarily for one main reason. In opening up our home for one more bulldog, we’ve taken one out of rescue to be in a warm and loving house. It also opens up one more spot for a surrendered bulldog to receive the care they truly need. Many of these special breed rescues would not be able to survive without the help from foster families and we’re more than happy to help. If you’re interested in Noel, please visit the rescue site for more information and the adoption process.