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Let’s Sail Away…

I’ve finally learned how to boil the perfect egg! Thank goodness for the internet…what did we ever do before it was invented?


I’ve probably made deviled eggs twice in my life and it’s one of Ricardo’s favorite dishes, but we never really have them. The first time he ever had them was in elementary school and they were made into little sail boats. Imagine his disappointment when he learned that not all deviled eggs came in the shape of a sail boat! You know how your significant other tells you a story so many times…it just sounds sillier and quirkier every time? Today, we get to sail away…





Fun Friday Adventures

Happy Friday and February 1st! Might you wonder why I am so happy? I’ve had this fear of baby making an early arrival in January the past few weeks. Now that we’re here, I wonder when she’ll make her debut. The little one and Ricardo actually share the same due date…but Ricardo was born two days late so he ended up arriving on 16th. He’s hoping that they’ll end up sharing the same birthday which would be so sweet, but what are the chances of that happening?

Ricardo took the day off and we spent the morning going on fun adventures. We started the day off with breakfast in Seal Beach and then made our way to the Farmers’ Market at The Grove in LA. We picked up some treats for Rambo and boy was he spoiled – we couldn’t refuse the Bulldog Bars!

three dogs bakery

We took a lovely stroll around the market and ended up at Loteria Grill for a snack – mama munches all day long. Holy guacamole, this was the best nachos I’ve ever had with a yummy papaya fresca.


We made our way towards downtown LA for more foodie adventures and then eventually decided to come home because we were pooped out. The weather was beautiful, the traffic was horrid, but all in all – we need more weekday adventures like these!

Freezing Soups

Throughout my pregnancy, I haven’t had much of any crazy cravings, but there were some things I especially loved like Special K Red Berries. I had this for about 2 weeks straight for breakfast and lunch! Peanut butter, soups, and desserts have also topped the list. Since we don’t have much family and friends in the area, I plan on freezing a few meals ahead of time so we don’t end up starving or ordering in takeout too much. Some recipes on my list include:

  • Poblano Corn Lasagna Squares
  • Chicken Enchilada Casserole Squares
  • Baked Ziti Squares
  • White Bean & Ham Shank Cups
  • Macaroni & Cheese Wedges

Ricardo can then just steam veggies or make a side salad to go with these easy meals. We cook dinner every night, but I imagine that won’t be the case when baby arrives so frozen entrees should offset the nights where I’m unable to cook. I had some extra ham shanks left over from a split pea soup the other week so I decided to try a white bean soup. Someone suggested freezing soups in silicone muffin pans on pinterest and I just think it’s the most genius idea ever! I wrapped them all up individually and placed them inside a large ziploc bag. Reheating should be fairly simple and with a dash of tabasco, we’ve got yummy soup in no time! If you have any delicious freeze ahead recipes, please send them my way. I’d love to try them out!


Going Bananas

My most favorite dishes to make are the ones that kind of come on a whim. As my brother was on his way over visiting with my niece, I quickly sliced some strawberries and placed them inside a ramekin. I use ramekins for almost everything – they make for great portion control. I also sliced some bananas and stuck them upright on a thin layer of cookie butter smeared over some toasted coconut thins (all from Trader Joes). I call these little babies “Banana Wheels.” They’re super simple and full of unexpected flavors. I was a little hesitant about the cookie butter, but it seriously tastes like gingerbread and the sales girl really worked her convincing…you must give it a try!

p.s. I don’t generally buy ranunculus, but these blooms were calling my name.

Hot Dawg’in It In Pasadena

Every once in a while, I crave a good hot dog! We were out in Pasadena this weekend and stopped by the Dog Haus, where I tried a B.LA.S.T dog…it included smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, serrano chilis, sliced tomato, mayo and all of it was deeeee-licious. We also  passed by a Beard Papa’s and I’ve been dying to try one of these babies for the longest time. They fill each cream puff to order and each bite was more heavenly than the one before. Next time, I’ll have to try the Eclair version!

Lazy Sunday…

It’s a beautiful morning and I thought it would be nice to try some honey a co-worker brought back to me from her recent holiday trip to Durango, Colorado. I’ve never used honey for anything, but now I’m officially addicted. It was delicious and I’m craving a second biscuit, but then I won’t have one for tomorrow so I will restrain myself. Happy Weekend!

If You Love Pastrami…

If you love pastrami, then you will definitely love Langer’s Deli. For months, the hubby and I have been wanting to visit this historic Jewish institution, but there’s a catch. They’re only open until 4pm Monday – Saturday and being all the way out near Downtown L.A. – Saturday is the only day we can get there so we finally made it this weekend.

Ricardo chose the famous and most popular #19 > Pastrami sandwich with a slice of Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and Langer’s own homemade cole slaw.

I had the #29 which had tomato slices instead of cole slaw and it was perfectly heaven. My favorite part is definitely the double-baked rye bread with it’s crunchy crust…there’s no way to explain it until you try it. They also have a really good cream soda that I’m now obsessed with…I actually never had cream soda until Ricardo introduced it to me. We now have another delicious place to take friends when they visit.

Finger Friendly Foods

My friend Adrienne and her pretty family came to visit us this weekend. Her husband Tony and his family use to breed English Bulldogs so we’ve been meaning to have our English Bulldog meet our English man-friend. With two little ones, I wanted to make kiddie and adult friendly dishes. Thankfully, the pigs in a blanket were a hit with both parties…

Everything can be picked up from Trader Joes:

  • Crescent rolls with sliced all beef Hebrew National hot dogs and sliced cheddar cheese
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Raisin rosemary crisps with whipped cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • Marinated mini mozzarella chubs with cherry tomatoes
  • Wine country chicken salad on endives (not pictured)

Eat Real Festival…

I decided to take a break from working on Saturday and stole Ricardo away for the Eat Real Fest in L.A! With the 405 closure of Carmageddon, So. Cal residents were urged to stay local and away from the freeways so lucky for us, there was absolutely no traffic getting there. The festival was simply wonderful! The crowd was just perfect, the weather was out of the this world and we found an amazing parking spot the second we pulled up. I LOVE it when this happens!

Filled with delicious food trucks and booths, we are able to try a little bit of everything. The festival was located in one of our most favorite places…the Helm’s Bakery District. The famous Father’s Office is also located here, along with our favorite Mexican taqueria and home design warehouse, H.D. Buttercup! Can you tell I was just so happy to be here? More than anything…I was completely in love with the festival’s graphic design for all their signage!

As we were hanging out in the beer shed trying a realllllly good beer from The Bruery, Ricardo was in his happy place and noticed someone who had just walked in. It was none other than Aarti from the Food Network. Please note I LOVE her and was totally rooting for her last season…I was so excited to meet her!

The Eat Real Fest is special because it was created to inspire eaters to choose tasty, healthy, good food. It’s also very well planned which included a marketplace with gourmet treats and demo stations all related to food…and their selection of vendors are quite delish too with a variety of different cuisines. They also had recycling and compost stations set up all around the area.

Their next stop is in Oakland from September 23-25…I hope my bay area foodie friends will be able to make it out for this neat event!!

A Little Flyer Cake…

Not only did Katy’s handmade cake look absolutely amazing at her baby shower, it also tasted completely divine. Underneath those fluffy clouds was a yummy chocolatey fudge cake! Yum…can’t wait for her little flyer to arrive…

Rain and BBQ…

Did anyone else catch the Harry Potter marathon this weekend? It really makes for great movie watching when it’s cold and raining outside, don’t you think? We were able to get out for a bit yesterday when Irene & Robin came to visit and meet Rambo. I always hope he’s on his best behavior when we have visitors because he tends to get really excited by their smells. Of course, after they left…he went to sleep, but he LOVES visitors so please stop by soon to say hello.

If there’s any chance to take friends out for BBQ, Ricardo will take every opportunity to take them to Beachwood’s in Seal Beach. Not only do they have really good BBQ, but their selection of beers is what really puts him over the moon. So again…come visit and he’ll take you to one of our most favorite restaurants. So far…we’ve taken my brother, Eachan, Charis, Megan, Robin and Irene. {photos below from Megan’s visit}

The thunder was out of control last night…I’m not sure what time the first rumble woke me up, but I was pretty startled. Then all of sudden…I heard Rambo jump off the couch and his little paws pitter pattered down the hallway and into our bedroom. He jumped right into bed, squeezed himself between me and Ricardo, and hid his head underneath my pillow. He must have been afraid of the thunder so I put my arm around him and stayed up listening to the sound of the thunder and catching glimpses of the lightening flash between our blinds.

Happy New Year – From Las Vegas!

Happy New Year everyone! When Ricardo graduated months ago…I asked him what he wanted to do for New Year’s Eve?! We’ve never done anything crazy since he usually has school the same week, but now that he was done…he said VEGAS so Vegas it was!!

We woke up yesterday morning trying to decide whose idea was this. It’s nice to be home sometimes and we had barely unpacked from San Francisco yet so here we were packing again. I did the whole New Year’s Eve deal in Vegas when I was in college so I warned Ricardo that I’ll probably never do this again. He agreed that would be okay 🙂

After all that was said and done…I am really glad we went! We had an amazing dinner at Mesa Grill last night and brunch at the Bellagio this afternoon. I’m actually writing this post at the airport on our way home right now. I’m not sure if we’ll be back again soon since we’ve learned that Ricardo is practically allergic to the casinos. The smoke was just a little too heavy this time and probably because there were so many people. We had many memorable cab rides…one that literally made me throw up and another that almost had me peeing in my pants. We’re not going to lie…we were with some crazies at midnight on the strip, but had a whole bunch of fun…even in the frigid cold.

And of course I always LOVE the Bellagio Bontanical Gardens…

The desserts at Mesa were so delicious…the kind that puts you in your happy place! Since we had a prix fixe menu, we each had one dessert to order and since Ricardo was too stuffed to have anything sweet…I ordered us the two most popular desserts of the night to taste which was the deep dish banana cream pie and the toasted coconut layer cake. They were both heavenly divine and I’m daydreaming about them right now. The white peach margarita was also a hit! Yummy….

photo from Mesa Grill website

We didn’t hit it big, but we did come away with some winnings and that definitely makes us happy. So long Vegas and we hope to not see you any time soon…