Our Little Love Nest!

When the hubby suggested that we move to a bigger place when I was pregnant, I had to do some major convincing for him to stay. Looking back, I just wasn’t ready to move or even think about moving. I was in nesting mode and was far more focused on making what we had work for us, baby, and bulldog vs. looking for something new and unknown. We’re in a super cozy 810 sqft. 2 bedroom/2 bath condo across the street from a park with pretty awesome neighbors in a great neighborhood. Leaving is going to be bittersweet, but I think we’re ready. The biggest misconception about starting a family is that a lot of people assume we should own a home before going down that road and that’s always rubbed me the wrong way. I’m a true believer in it’s how you make your home yours no matter where you are. We started to look at little houses to rent, but it quickly became obvious that a mortgage would be the same cost and our house hunting adventures began.

Weekend after weekend, we looked and looked. We looked at different styles of homes in various neighborhoods and cities. We had a criteria and then we realized we couldn’t have everything, or rather we couldn’t have everything in our budget so we had to prioritize. Throughout our house hunting, we fell in love more than one time.

  • We loved a house that had a great yard with open kitchen, but was located on a major expressway and pulling out of the driveway felt suicidal at times.
  • We loved a house situated on the most perfect tree lined street, but the house required way too much work for renovation.
  • We loved a cute little bungalow, but it only had one bathroom.
  • We loved a completely renovated house with updated everything, but it was in a school district that wasn’t so great.
  • We loved a house sitting on the market for weeks and realized it had little interest after noticing the giant power lines and transformer backing up against the yard.
  • We loved a 1920’s craftsman with original everything and a little orange tree in the back, but we knew that if something needed fixing, it would constantly put us in the poor house.
  • We also looked at new development, fell in love with model homes and put ourselves on a waiting list even though we knew deep in our heart, we didn’t want to be in that particular area.

Then there was everything in between and lots of near misses. We were officially house hunting and learning lots along the way. We understood the market was extremely competitive so we were prepared to pay for over asking, go into bidding wars, and make 23 offers before one would be accepted. Then one Friday afternoon, a little Cape Cod townhouse popped up. We went to an open house that Sunday, and by the next day…our offer was accepted!


The house is in great condition, and although it doesn”t have everything on my checklist, it meets all of our top criteria. It’s in an acclaimed school district, close to my work and located in a great neighborhood. With a little elbow grease, we’re convinced to turn it into our little abode. Townhouse living isn’t for everyone, but I do think it’s perfect for us….with baby and bulldog and all. Bigger is not always better so we really didn’t upgrade for big like people would think. To be honest, we’ve been in apartment living for practically the last 10 years together and are all too familiar with small spaces. We love to entertain, but more so in small settings as all of our family and close friends are hundreds of miles away. We have local friends who live down by the shore and they entertain quite a bit so we’re there a lot. A pro about small space living is that it really gets us out of our house. There’s a great park 5 minutes walk away from our new place and Rambo can always use a long walk. Throughout the whole escrow process, we’re really glad how it all turned out…even when it was stressful at times. I promise to share more as soon as some of our small renovations are complete and we’re all settled in.


One thought on “Our Little Love Nest!

  1. Dena says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Best of luck. ❤

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