Working Moms

I asked the hubby a few weeks ago IF given the opportunity and it was financially possible, would he consider being a stay at home dad? He has plenty of daddy daughter days alone with Isabella, but when I asked him this question, he looked at me and candidly replied, “Stay at home moms work hard.” I couldn’t agree with him more. Stay at home dads and single parents work hard too. I look at them in a whole new light now.

The work at home with a baby is relentless. I don’t know how else to better describe it, but it’s one thing after another where even breaks don’t ever feel like real breaks. Even when I was on maternity leave, I felt extreme pressure to do all the housework, cooking, and cleaning while caring for a new baby when the hubsters was at work. When he came home, I wanted to have dinner ready and gave him the impression that all was under control. Of course, not all days were like this and I guess I felt like if I didn’t do all these things, then I was just bumming it with a baby. For anyone with a little one, they know this is not the case at all – EVER.


Onto the flip side, I’ve come home from a full day’s work where my duties at home are barely beginning and when I finally get into bed, I think to myself…working moms have it hard too! Their challenges are different in many ways, but nonetheless – both jobs require a tremendous amount of work. My day starts early with prepping breakfast, bottles and lunch bags. I drop Isabella off at daycare, pump twice at work in between actually working, conference calls, and meetings, pick Isabella up from daycare, walk the dog while Ricardo spends time with her, prep dinner, give baby a bath, read her a story, rock her to sleep, put her down, start a load of laundry, put her back down if she gets up, and if I’m lucky…we can go to bed at a decent hour. As a couple, we tag team a lot back and forth and it’s exhausting, but the teamwork is what really gets us through the day. I honestly don’t think I could ever be a single parent so I am truly amazed by the parent that does it all.

I imagine being a mom will be the hardest job I’ll ever have whether it be a working mom or stay at home mom. I know I won’t always be perfect, but I hope my family knows that they will always be my top priority.


One thought on “Working Moms

  1. Dena says:

    This topic is so near and dear to my heart and you’ve said it all perfectly. I completely agree with you — being a mom IS the hardest job I’ll ever have whether it be a working mom or stay at home mom. ❤

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