Sunday Schedule & Starting Solids

Isabella turned 6 months on Friday and at her doctor’s appointment this past week, the doctor said she would like us to try giving her three solid meals a day. We were waiting for the go ahead and now that it’s here, I’m not as prepared as I thought I would be. It’s Sunday today so we’re making baby food for the week! So far, she really likes sweet potatoes, but she’s a tad picky when she wants them so we have to be extremely patient with her. Also on the menu includes carrots and peaches. For some reason, Ricardo REALLY likes making her baby food which I find peculiarly funny since his time in the kitchen is a rare sighting.

My plan is for daycare to give her two solid meals along with three bottles during the day and we’ll giver her third meal for dinner at home. We’ll give her as much as she wants and then I’ll offer her breast milk if she wants at the end. She’s 15 lbs. of love that I carry up and down the stairs every day, which is quite hefty when you think about it, but she’ll only be getting bigger from here on out so at least my arms are getting  a good workout.

6 months

5 months


One thought on “Sunday Schedule & Starting Solids

  1. Dena says:

    I seriously cannot believe that she is 6 months already!! That is amazing! I know, I know… everyone says that time flies — but wow — it really does. She is absolutely gorgeous. The way that she has her little toes together at 5 months and then she has her little feet crossed at month 6… *swoon.* She is such a darling. ❤

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