All Bottled Up!

Isabella’s milk stash has completely taken over the freezer so the only thing I keep in there are ice cube trays, ice cream and frozen cookie dough. You can see where my priorities are. As soon as I became pregnant, I stopped buying those delicious Trader Joe’s microwaveables and running the dishwasher, so strange. No more microwaveables because their sodium content is usually really high and I washed all our dishes by hand because I found it so therapeutic for some reason.

Isabella’s bottle routine is pretty crazy so I wonder if I’ll relax a bit more once she starts eating solids. She gets 4 bottles every day for daycare – 3 for feeding and one for emergency.  So that means I have to pump at least 2 times a day to to give her two bottles, one bottle is usually from the day before, and I defrost one milk bag overnight. I mark the defrosted bottle and the bottle from the day before with washi tape so the daycare know those bottles go first. I clean the empty bottles every night and prepare them again for the next day. If she ends up using an emergency bottle, then I have to try and pump at least one additional time so I can refrain from taking a milk bag in the freezer. The rest of the time and on the weekends, I nurse her. I tried telling the hubby how it works and he was really confused!

IMG_8992 (1)

Breastfeeding seemed so convenient until you go back to work I tell you. I tried to be prepared for this as much as I can, but it’s so hard and I’m not sure I still have enough to last for the year. Because Isabella was in the NICU for a week, I spent all my time that week pumping milk and it never really stopped after she came home so I managed to stash over 300 ounces but now that she’s away, I really don’t have any that I can save in the freezer unless I pump on the weekends which I’m thinking about doing. I’m doing my best because I know it’s good for her, but I’m hoping it will get easier. Maybe the whole process will just seem more routine after a few weeks?


One thought on “All Bottled Up!

  1. Dena says:

    oh, love! i really can’t imagine how difficult it must be — going back to work AND breastfeeding. i know how “difficult” it has been for us and i am still with roman 24/7! i give you so much credit. you are such a brave & kind mama for doing what it takes to make this happen post-maternity leave. isabella is so lucky to have a mother that cares so much about her that she would put up with the craziness of pumping. ❤

    i hope it gets easier. no matter how long this lasts — whether you do it for another week or another six months — you have already given her such a wonderful gift of your milk so far. xoxo

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