She’s Half Mine, but Still All Mine

I feel bad because even though I’m with Isabella all day, sometimes I’m really selfish and I don’t want to hand her over when Ricardo comes home. I’ve turned into a semi baby hoarder…yikes. We often stare at her trying to determine who she looks like more and it’s hard to compare since we both don’t have many baby pictures, but I really think I win on this one. I still think she looks like her papa…just more like me for now.

mama + isabellaMiss Isabella hit her 2 months milestone a few days ago and there is so much to love at this stage. My favorite is her sleeping through most of the night…it’s a dream I tell you. I also like that she’s more alert and awake these days. She’s making lots of coo’s and ahh’s so we play a game going back and forth and sometimes it can go on for minutes. Life of a baby is pretty darn good!

2 months

I celebrated with Mochi Cream this time around instead of cake…have I ever told you about this sweet obsession? Dare I say it, but I love them more than I love French Macarons! I can only find them at our local Japanese Marketplace, but even that is a 20 minute drive away. They come in an assortment of flavors, but I haven’t met one that I didn’t like. Like all Japanese desserts, they’re beautiful to look at and taste just as good as you imagine (photos courtesy of yelp). Wonder how I’ll celebrate her 3 months?

mochi cream at mitsuwa


One thought on “She’s Half Mine, but Still All Mine

  1. Irene says:

    Ange, are you trying to kill me at work?? Izzie is SOOOO cute! (hehe can I call her that?) I can’t wait to meeeeet her!

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