The Secret Surprise

Looking back, I laugh at about how I told the hubby that we were expecting. I waited one week before telling Ricardo on Father’s Day last year. This was probably the longest time I had ever kept something from him, but to be honest…the timing was perfect. So on this semi-normal Sunday, I snuck out that morning to place a little paddington bear and his favorite childhood book that his mom used to read him, along with a Father’s Day card on a bench along the path we walked Rambo. When he came across the bench, he had to do a double take and kept walking thinking what kind of weirdo would leave all that stuff on a lonely bench. That weirdo was me so I had to confess that maybe he should take a closer look – I was laughing so hard I almost pee’d in my pants.

At first, he thought it was so sweet that he was receiving all these gifts because he’s a papa to Rambo. And then he opened the card and realized the surprise…we were going to have a baby!

surprise, surprise

He was in utter shock and disbelief! It took him a few minutes to finally get it as I cried uncontrollably at the park. Then we hugged and finished walking Rambo holding hands all the way home.

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