Fun Friday Adventures

Happy Friday and February 1st! Might you wonder why I am so happy? I’ve had this fear of baby making an early arrival in January the past few weeks. Now that we’re here, I wonder when she’ll make her debut. The little one and Ricardo actually share the same due date…but Ricardo was born two days late so he ended up arriving on 16th. He’s hoping that they’ll end up sharing the same birthday which would be so sweet, but what are the chances of that happening?

Ricardo took the day off and we spent the morning going on fun adventures. We started the day off with breakfast in Seal Beach and then made our way to the Farmers’ Market at The Grove in LA. We picked up some treats for Rambo and boy was he spoiled – we couldn’t refuse the Bulldog Bars!

three dogs bakery

We took a lovely stroll around the market and ended up at Loteria Grill for a snack – mama munches all day long. Holy guacamole, this was the best nachos I’ve ever had with a yummy papaya fresca.


We made our way towards downtown LA for more foodie adventures and then eventually decided to come home because we were pooped out. The weather was beautiful, the traffic was horrid, but all in all – we need more weekday adventures like these!


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