Baking Along at 26 Weeks

Our first doctor’s appointment was around 9 weeks along and this was when the doctor confirmed that we were really pregnant and we also located the baby’s heartbeat. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect that day, and I just remember me and Ricardo laughing at the silliest things while we were in the waiting room.

It’s amazing to learn about her progress each week because not long after her jelly bean ultrasound, she was waving us a little hello at 12 weeks. She was still waving us hello at 20 weeks, but we couldn’t believe how much she had grown by then. There’s lots of little movements going on right now, but I have yet to feel her give me a real hard kick. We might have one more sneak peak of her in the belly before she arrives, but if not…she’ll just continue to bake along.


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