Small Space Living for Baby?

When Ricardo found out that he was going to be a papa, his first instinct was to move into a bigger place. I thought a bigger place would be nice too, but honestly…I love our little condo and I’ve really grown to embrace small space living. I’m a semi-hoarder and Ricardo is a minimalist so you put us together and he’s taught me how to purge lots of useless things. Living with less is so rewarding. After a lot of thinking and looking around, I mustered up the courage to tell him that I didn’t want to move. We looked at small bungalows around the area, but most small homes in Long Beach only come with 1 bathroom and rent would be significantly much higher so we decided to stay.
p.s. I HATE moving.
Our second bedroom was an office, but it needed to go if we were going to turn it into a nursery. I know this sounds crazy, but I always thought our dining room would make a great office. After proposing the idea, he was a little hesitant…but then came around. One week after all our stuff was hauled away to his sister in San Luis Obispo, the dining room turned into an official office space.
It’s become sort of a little sun bathing spot for Rambo so I think he likes the change too. I kept a teeny tiny work table that’s not pictured, but it’s really all I need so I can’t complain. Besides that, I packed a lot of things away in storage boxes.
What to do now with no dining room? I eat standing up a lot so it’s back to the breakfast bar and coffee table for our meals. Or I can use this as an excuse for breakfast in bed during the weekends…

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