Summer Shenanigans!

Hooray for June! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year….where does all the time go? I’m officially in summer mode and am having loads of fun filling up our calendar. There are two venues in LA that I LOVE and I’m seriously thinking about joining as premiere members or getting a second job there as a parking saber sword wielding light attendant. Or maybe I can sell the popcorn?

The hubby surprised me on our first year anniversary with Hollywood Bowl tickets and we were there last year too. Hmm…why not make it a tradition so this August, we’ve got tickets for Pixar in Concert! So excited!!!! I have to say my most favorite part is packing our picnic basket.

Next up in the fall is The Book of Mormon which will be at the Pantages Theatre. We saw Jerry Seinfeld here not too long ago, along with Wicked and Les Miserables. I can spend my whole existence watching broadway and love every minute of it.

Courtesy of wikipedia…isn’t this theatre beautiful?

Here’s to summer weekends and shenanigans!


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