Catching Up…

This past Memorial Day weekend went by too fast! I didn’t do any of the things I should have done, but definitely all the things worth doing. For so many years when Ricardo was in school, I spent many weekends doing thing by myself. Now that we have weekends to spend together, each one is like a mini adventure and oh how I LOVE them! We thought about going away for the long holiday, but after so many busy weekends…we decided to stick around with the bullies.

Sometimes, we have visitors that unexpectedly show up in Southern California, but rest assured…we will always find a way to keep them entertained. Confession – we’ve been on both the TMZ Bus Tour and the Hollywood Stars Home Tour. Both were awesome.

I’m really loving this undone french braid beachy waves look. I braid the night before and let them go the next morning  with a spritz of hairspray for some texture. For extra kinky waves, try it with two french braids. You can also steal some of the hubby’s fancy hair pomade to work through the ends. In honor of beachy waves, we took the doggies for a sunset walk along the beach. We learned that Rambo likes the water and Joe is deathly afraid of the waves.

Summer is finally here and to celebrate…I picked up a pair of fun Seychelles sandals.

I just finished Mindy Kaling’s book and this popular trilogy. If you love The Office, then Mindy’s book is a must read. I’m tempted to start this risqué trilogy…should I?


5 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. meg says:

    I lovin those fonts on the pictures! Nicely done! I considered buying the mindy kaling book but just bought the first of the Hunger Games trilogy!

  2. Jenn Duong says:

    currently reading the grey trilogy. . . it’s like a graphic version of twlight.

  3. priscilla says:

    Hi Ang!!! This is super late, but did you pick up grey? I picked up the first book in July and i still have maybe 50 pages left… not so inclined to wrap it up. i thought it was meh. miss you! I hope i can see you in oct. 🙂

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