Lost and Replaced

One year for my birthday, the hubby gave me a necklace that I loved from one of my most favorite shops in town (seen below in our engagement photos). I remember visiting the shop that week and they told me how sweet and nervous he was picking it out, not knowing if I would like it, but wanting so hard to pick me something that would make me happy. The story from the shop was what really put me over the moon about the necklace so I was completely devastated when I realized it had gone missing one day.

If you know me, I like everyday jewelry so the necklace I received was pretty perfect. It was nothing fancy, just a small square silver pendant inscribed on both sides with a sweet Confucius quote. I searched for it high and low, but it never reappeared through the years so I gave up. I can’t tell you how excited I was the other week when I checked my email and the jewelry designer came up on Gilt. I couldn’t believe my eyes…this was my chance to replace the necklace! Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in the Gilt shop, but there was another one available with the same quote. After waiting patiently for weeks, it finally came in and I almost love it as much as the original. I kind of like that it’s not exactly the same as before, but still similar enough to remind me of the one the hubby gave me. Hopefully, I won’t go losing this one too ♥.


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