Celebrating 50 Days with Joe!

Have you ever wondered how far a little bit of tender, love and care could go? I know many of you have seen photos of Joe (our foster bulldog), but not many know what he really looked like when he first arrived. Joe was in really bad shape the day we took him in. His hind legs were very weak and every little noise startled him. He was covered in scabs, missing hair, and skin rubbed raw…it was as bad, or worse, as you’re imagining. I remember thinking to myself that if he can get through this much and still be here…then surely I could bring him back to good health, always optimistic.

Today is special because we’re celebrating 50 days with Joe! It’s amazing how far he’s come along and I look forward to his progress every day. He’s starting to look like Rambo and they’ve become really great playmates. He’s slowly gaining weight, starting to be protective, cries for attention, and snores like a tugboat for a such a small bully. We really don’t know how much time we have with Joe, but we’re enjoying every minute of it. Happy 50 days little guy!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 Days with Joe!

  1. Jenny Smith says:

    wow! that really makes me want to foster kids, pets, anything! i admire you guys!

  2. Irene says:

    melt….happy 50 days Joe!!!!

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