Nice and Neutral

As much as I love a pop of color, I also really LOVE neutral tones…maybe because they go with everything and make everything around them look so clean and crisp…especially in the home. I’ve been holding on to a bunch of decorative orbs I picked up not too long ago, but I didn’t know what to do with them until I found this tall glass dessert stand! I’m still left with a whole bunch of orbs so I’ll need to find a new home for them too.

With dogs in the house, I’m always on the hunt for yummy smelling candles. I generally stick with neutral colored candles because my favorite scents fall in the almond biscotti flavors, but I recently picked up a candle for a friend at this cute shop in Venice Beach and I loved it so much…I ordered one for myself. I couldn’t resist it’s hints of oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver! These Barr-Co. candles can also be found at Anthropologie. It’s not overpowering at all so its subtle scent is perfect for the most sensitive nose.


2 thoughts on “Nice and Neutral

  1. meg says:

    you DO have a lot of neutrals in your home. I like that. It makes your apt very soothing and the pops of color make it very cheerful. i love your home. Come decorate mine when I live alone. 🙂

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