Taking the Leap…

I spent last Wednesday night at a Leap Year party hosted by the fabulous ladies from Utterly Engaged. I met the lovely Lucia and super sweet Henny who are extremely down to earth and truly know how to throw an amazing party. I’m sure they’ll be posting up photos of their soirée soon. They encouraged us to be a part of The Leap Year Project, a community of people taking action to change lives, communities, or our world for the better in 2012! This got me thinking just a little bit…

I’ve always been a fearful person, mostly for my fear of failure, but the hubby has really helped me with that these past few years. He’s encouraged me to take new risks and that I’ll never know what I’m missing out on if I don’t give things a chance. He’s the one person that’s 100% supportive of all my ideas, even the crazy ones, and I can always count on him for an honest opinion.

This made me think of last year and the exciting business projects I was able to work on. One big project was with Jenny who hosted a chemistry themed bridal shower for a close friend and had asked me to help with all of the paper goods. Since my own wedding, this was one of the bigger projects I had taken on and I really enjoyed the many different parts it entailed. I think the most fun part of working on a project like this was the different vendors who all came together and made a unique contribution that pulled the entire event together to complete Jenny’s look. Who knew that she’s not only a talented photographer, but also a great event planner?

Featured on: {Style Me Pretty} and {Utterly Engaged}
Photographs by: {Alders Photography}

Not long after that, I was blessed enough to host my best friend’s baby shower. I wanted it to be as unique and special as she was so up until the night before the shower, I was up until 3 am finalizing all of the details. My problem is that I never truly have a clear vision of my end goal. I have visions of my many little projects and then I cross my fingers that they come together. For the most part, I’ve been really lucky. My goal this year includes finding more ways to grow my etsy business and in turn, that would help me find more ways to give back to the community. Here’s to more pretty parties for 2012!

Featured on: {On to Baby}
Photographs by: {Megan Tsang}


One thought on “Taking the Leap…

  1. meg says:

    Funny thing… I wanted to call you on a collaborate styled shoot! I’ve been thinking about it all week!!!

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