Oh, the Places We’ll Go…

Rambo’s belated birthday gift finally arrived tonight and I was so excited…I started assembling! The hubby wanted to wait until the weekend, but I couldn’t resist.

The hubsters has called me twice this year for an emergency pick up because Rambo had splatted out and refused to continue their walk. There was also one occasion when he thought the little guy could make it to the dry cleaners which isn’t far for us humans, but it was too far for the monster. So yes, he picked up Rambo’s 58 lbs. butt and carried him for one whole block in his arms, crossing a major intersection. The little red wagon, which I’ve named Clifford, can now take him farther than his little legs can go. Sunny weekends, please come back to us soon!


One thought on “Oh, the Places We’ll Go…

  1. meg says:

    Wow. He looks like a wee pup in Clifford.

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