Rambo’s First Birthday!

Today, we celebrate Rambo’s First Birthday, but he’s not turning 1…he’s actually turning 4! That makes us all the same age in the Navarro house….28 human and doggie years. I can’t believe we picked up his little booty exactly one year ago today on a sunny, but slightly chilly morning. I remember us frantically picking up all our doggie care items from Petco and then taking him home and staring at him for hours. He didn’t eat a thing and our rescue coordinator warned us that he wouldn’t because of his new environment.

The first few weeks were scary. He would constantly cry in the middle of the night and Ricardo even once tried taking him out for a walk at 2am because he didn’t know what else to do. But today…he is the love of our life!

After all the pup cakes were gone…there was nothing left to do, but sleep. Until next year…


One thought on “Rambo’s First Birthday!

  1. irene says:

    Happy Birthday Rambo!! Omg super cute Ang!

    I was browsing this blog and totally reminded me of you….more bulldog love 🙂


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