Eat Real Festival…

I decided to take a break from working on Saturday and stole Ricardo away for the Eat Real Fest in L.A! With the 405 closure of Carmageddon, So. Cal residents were urged to stay local and away from the freeways so lucky for us, there was absolutely no traffic getting there. The festival was simply wonderful! The crowd was just perfect, the weather was out of the this world and we found an amazing parking spot the second we pulled up. I LOVE it when this happens!

Filled with delicious food trucks and booths, we are able to try a little bit of everything. The festival was located in one of our most favorite places…the Helm’s Bakery District. The famous Father’s Office is also located here, along with our favorite Mexican taqueria and home design warehouse, H.D. Buttercup! Can you tell I was just so happy to be here? More than anything…I was completely in love with the festival’s graphic design for all their signage!

As we were hanging out in the beer shed trying a realllllly good beer from The Bruery, Ricardo was in his happy place and noticed someone who had just walked in. It was none other than Aarti from the Food Network. Please note I LOVE her and was totally rooting for her last season…I was so excited to meet her!

The Eat Real Fest is special because it was created to inspire eaters to choose tasty, healthy, good food. It’s also very well planned which included a marketplace with gourmet treats and demo stations all related to food…and their selection of vendors are quite delish too with a variety of different cuisines. They also had recycling and compost stations set up all around the area.

Their next stop is in Oakland from September 23-25…I hope my bay area foodie friends will be able to make it out for this neat event!!


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