Busy Bee, Busy Shop!

Can I just say that I have a truly amazing groups of friends and their love and support just means the absolute WORLD to me! The past three weeks have been a little crazy, but lots of fun!

According to our google analytics, visitors have gone up just a tad since the June issue of Brides Magazine and although it’s keeping us busy…I kind of have a love/hate relationship with our etsy shop.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about starting an etsy shop so to give you some insight into this little world of having a part-time home business….below are some of my most asked questions:

What exactly is it that you do? Without fail, I always feel so silly when I tell people I print wish tags. Or I say…oh…I print these little shipping tags which doesn’t seem to help any…because I just don’t know how to explain it clearly enough? Maybe I’ll stick one in my wallet and then I can just show them? Do you know what’s even more frustrating…when they ask me what I use for printing!? I can’t just say a print gocco so I describe it as a mini silk screen printing machine. Either way, 90% have no idea what I’m talking about and I’m pretty sure 100% of them at this point no longer care.

Where do I spend most of my time? Email…lots and lots of emails. I spend a lot of time sending estimates, helping with ideas, creating digital proofs, listing custom orders, and surprise, surprise…packing and shipping also takes up a great deal of time; there are lots of post office runs too! And then there’s the bookkeeping, but Ricardo takes care of all the numbers. 

What does Ricardo do? I put the hubby to work! You see…these little shipping tags are purchased with loose ends and they NEED to arrive tied with every order. So…we have movie nights once a week and tie 1,000 tags until our fingers feel like they’re going to fall off. Then he bundles them in packs of 50 with a rubberband. Oh yes, he also makes sure I stay hydrated while I’m working away in the office and keeps my cup filled with cold H20.

Is it worth it? I LOVE this article on the New York Times. I think it tells a great perspective of etsy as a business. I think something like this works for me because even working full time, I’m constantly trying to find ways to stay busy! Remember my frozen yogurt and mall gig? Those were short lived, but working at home is what truly works for me. The article I mentioned ended with quote I whole heartedly believe in: “What’s the point of doing something you love, if you are too exhausted to do what you love?” There’s no doubt that any business takes a lot of work…even when you don’t have orders to fill. BUT you’ll never know unless you try so I encourage you to try! Trust me…I’ll be your biggest fan!

Maybe you’ll get so busy, you can quit your job? That sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? It’s strange, but I LOVE what I do and the people I work with so I can’t imagine not having a day job. I’ve found this really great balance between doing something I love professionally and having a side business that allows me to be creative and also take home additional income. I also like the stability of a steady income and benefits, something that owning my own business couldn’t offer. I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

Are you ever going to offer anything else? Sheesh-ka-bob…where do I start? Yes…I would LOVE to. For so long, I wanted my own work space at home, but we didn’t move into a two bedroom until after Ricardo graduated. So now that I have the space…I hate to be selfish, but I wish I had more. I wish I had a garage for storage, I wish I didn’t have to share the office with Ricardo or take over the dining room table…ahh….so many things I’m still wishing for. Before we even opened our etsy shop, this was my plan:

Hopefully…we’ll get there one day!

I also get plenty of questions about my profit margins…and I don’t shy away from this because depending on what you offer, there is room for profit and it’s important that you don’t short change yourself just because you’re selling a “hobby” or “craft.” Determine your cost, labor, and time…and then decide where you want to be that’s fair for what you’re offering. After all that’s said and done, you don’t want to find out that you’re really earning less than minmum wage.

Sorry for the long post…I just have SO many creative friends that inspire to me do more every day so thank you friends. One day, I will perhaps name something after each and every one one of you!!


One thought on “Busy Bee, Busy Shop!

  1. meg says:

    Yay! Congratulations!!

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