Rain and BBQ…

Did anyone else catch the Harry Potter marathon this weekend? It really makes for great movie watching when it’s cold and raining outside, don’t you think? We were able to get out for a bit yesterday when Irene & Robin came to visit and meet Rambo. I always hope he’s on his best behavior when we have visitors because he tends to get really excited by their smells. Of course, after they left…he went to sleep, but he LOVES visitors so please stop by soon to say hello.

If there’s any chance to take friends out for BBQ, Ricardo will take every opportunity to take them to Beachwood’s in Seal Beach. Not only do they have really good BBQ, but their selection of beers is what really puts him over the moon. So again…come visit and he’ll take you to one of our most favorite restaurants. So far…we’ve taken my brother, Eachan, Charis, Megan, Robin and Irene. {photos below from Megan’s visit}

The thunder was out of control last night…I’m not sure what time the first rumble woke me up, but I was pretty startled. Then all of sudden…I heard Rambo jump off the couch and his little paws pitter pattered down the hallway and into our bedroom. He jumped right into bed, squeezed himself between me and Ricardo, and hid his head underneath my pillow. He must have been afraid of the thunder so I put my arm around him and stayed up listening to the sound of the thunder and catching glimpses of the lightening flash between our blinds.


One thought on “Rain and BBQ…

  1. Irene says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Rambo! and boy….I'm dreaming those of those ribs, and OOH those hot links! nom nom nom 😀

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