On The Road Again…

So I woke up this morning for an early 7 am flight to Sacramento for Baby Shower #3 and the last of my travel plans for the month of March. As I stood in line to board…I quickly realized that I was standing in line for the gate to Oakland!! Thank goodness Long Beach is a small airport and the flights were only 5 minutes apart. I slowly got out of line and walked over to my correct gate. The past three weeks have apparently left me a little dazed and confused…

I’ve been making my way up to Oakland , San Jose and Sacramento…but the most confusing part is that I’ve been leaving from Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles. Doesn’t that make your head hurt…just a tad? And guess what…all of these baby mama’s are expecting boys so I haven’t had a chance to buy any cute hair accessories or frilly dresses…but that will change very soon!!! Stay tune…


One thought on “On The Road Again…

  1. MELI.MEL says:

    will that change soon because you’re PREGO!!!??? Haha.

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