Happy Heart Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I wanted to do a little treat bag for my co-workers today so I printed these tags last night so the bags weren’t so boring looking. This is actually one of my newer gocco inks and I SO love the color!

Of course I made a special one for the hubby too. Sometimes I wish I was a teacher because it would be so much fun to do projects like these for the little ones. Maybe I’ll just do them for my future kids and all their classmates.

I woke up this morning and Ricardo had something to show me. I almost pee’d in my pantaloons because it was so funny, yet so sweet at the same time. He is so silly…but he is my sunshine and I love him. What is up with him and the LA Times lately? He took out some ad space to send me a little love note (we’re #4!)…and even more embarassing…we’re on the front page of the classified section.

Since he has class tonight, I won’t get to see my valentine until 10 pm tonight…boo! No worries…we will celebrate some more later this week!


2 thoughts on “Happy Heart Day…

  1. meg says:

    Love both of you… so cute how you both show your love.! Enjoy your valentine’s day together!

  2. meli.mel. says:

    Adorable. Totally made me smile : ) love you two.

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