Weekend Mornings…

I love, love, love weekend mornings! Since the work week is so long, Ricardo and I relish the weekends. They really are too short, aren’t they?

A lot of people ask us if Rambo sleeps in bed with us??!? I’ll be honest that for awhile we did, but he became quite the night terror. He’s the sweetest snuggle bug since he pretty much wants to be where ever we’re at, but we weren’t getting much sleep with him. I usually find him underneath Ricardo’s desk if he’s studying, at my feet while we’re having dinner or on our couch while we’re watching t.v. So on the weekends in the wee morning hours when he starts to whine like a little baby…I unlock the baby gate to the bedroom and he jumps into bed right between the two of us…and the snoring begins:

He has a doggie bed that I think he’s starting to like more and more since we no longer have carpet flooring…but we think the couch is still his favorite spot.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Until the next one…


One thought on “Weekend Mornings…

  1. meg says:

    I want to snuggle with him and have him keep my toes warm! …. I spy some pretty patterns!

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