The Way Things Turn Out…?

A few weeks ago, someone had hit my car in the middle of the night and left a huge dent on my right bumper. I was so furious! A few years ago, I made a turn inside a parking garage and hit a pole and cracked the left side of my bumper…I was so mad at myself. A few years before that…Ricardo cleared me for a turn in a tight parking spot and even though I told him I didn’t think I could make it…he assured me I could…but I didn’t and scratched my bumper against a wall…I was so angry with him then, but now we laugh about it.

As you can imagine…my bumper is the ugliest part of my car. My car is old, but I’m trying to extend its life for as long as possible and with a bumper that’s really out of shape…I’ve been thinking about replacing it for my own sanity.

And then 4 days before moving day last week as I was on my way to work…a lady came out of a side street without stopping and crashed into my car…completely taking out the bumper. Just. My. Luck.

The other driver had her car impounded and was cited for driving without a license and failure to yield. But today is a beautiful day…I got my car back from the shop with a brand new bumper. Isn’t it crazy how things work out sometimes?


One thought on “The Way Things Turn Out…?

  1. Jenn says:

    someone clipped my back bumper on the freeway 2 weeks ago and just drove off!
    i’m glad you have a shiny new bumper 🙂

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