A Wedding Invitation | Wooden Planes

I love pushing the limits when it comes to my little etsy shop! When a bride inquired if it would be possible to print on wood…I thought, sure…why not? I mean…these little guys were printed on wood!

But this little creative one had something different in mind. She and her fiance were having a wedding that incorporated vintage planes. After some careful planning and receiving these lovely planes in my mailbox…the end result surprised me quite a bit because sometimes…you just don’t know how a project is going to turn out until you get right into it. Whew…I’m really glad these turned out beautiful I can’t imagine how her big day is going to look like….

This project entailed so many different pieces and elements so it was crucial that I took my time. Each side had to be hand pressed one at a time and then took 24 hrs to dry before I printed the other side. The wooden planes were also quite dusty so it was important to also brush off all the wood shavings before starting to prevent them from plugging my screens.

  • The body of the plane is printed with a song verse that you might recognize, “Come Fly With Me, Let’s Fly, Let’s Fly Away…”
  • The wings were printed with the main invitation info
  • The tail was printed with the bride and grooms monogram and the upright tail had a little pretty flower printed on both sides
  • The RSVP was printed on a tag trimmed down to size to look like a trailing banner

Thank you Megan for taking these pretty pictures…without great photographs…I wouldn’t be able to share some of my fun projects with all of you. I hope you enjoyed!!


2 thoughts on “A Wedding Invitation | Wooden Planes

  1. meg says:

    these are aamazing!! you did a great job on them!

  2. Jenn says:

    i LOVE these! you did such a good job 🙂

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