Christmas in the City…

I have to say…Ricardo and I really do love the city! I know my Christmas post is a tad late, but I just can’t believe how fast the weeks have gone by!! We spent Christmas weekend in the city traveling to San Jose and Dublin in between, but had a wonderful time nonetheless! We met with some friends for dinner one night, ventured out to the ferry building (which I LUV), and had breakfast at a few delicious places like Dottie’s True Blue Cafe and The Grove Cafe! Strolling through Union Square and sipping hot cocoa at night all bundled up was quite memorable too. Ahh…I wish I can go on vacation every weekend…

We spent Christmas day with my sister in law’s family…partly because we had spent Christmas Eve with my family, but since I wanted double the dose of Charis…my brother invited us over for the festivities.

My brother is such a cheese ball, but I love him and I love that he’s a dad now because that makes me an aunt to cute little Charis! Growing up, people never believed we were related. They either thought he was adopted or he was my stepbrother, but rest assured…he is my brother.

This little family photo below kind of makes me wish Charis was really ours…but not today. I day…just not today :). Until then…We’ll just enjoy Charis.



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