Sacramento – Part II

Tara + Marc had a most amazing and beautiful wedding. Their ceremony was at their local church  and I have to say the Pastor’s message was perfect for their big day. It was sweet, yet meaningful and completely reflected who they both were as they joined their lives together.

And the reception. WOW!!! They had visited The Kitchen awhile back and loved it so much, they decided to have their wedding reception here. It’s definitely a dining experience Ricardo and I both won’t forget! There’s only one seating for the night and the food seemed never ending! To be honest…I had a first glimpse of the menu since I helped Tara with the design and knew it wouldn’t disappoint!

It totally fel like we were invited into a Top Chef’s kitchen for the night! There were no rules here at all and I LOVED that…

  • They encourage substitutions!! Ricardo doesn’t eat quail, duck, or seafood and they were completely accommodating to his needs. There were also a few vegetarians and pregnant ladies at the wedding so they were so wonderful about special dietary needs or food allergies.
  • We were able to walk around the restaurant and back kitchen and totally interact with all the chefs!
  • You can have anything you want here. You can have seconds, thirds, etc. for any of your favorite dishes. You can ask for a grilled cheese sandwich if you have a craving. You can have dessert first if your heart so desires. The staff is on point and it’s pretty much your wish is their command…and they’re so happy to do whatever makes you happy! You have the option to do a wine or beer pairing with each course..or just have Coca-Cola Classic. Seriously…it just doesn’t get better than that!
  • The sushi intermission was INCREDIBLE! There were also spring rolls, oysters on the half shell, calamari and an assortment of delicious sashimi options! Yum…

Can you tell how much fun we were having with the staff? Since dessert was already a part of the menu…Tara asked Becca to make this WONDERFUL felted cake to have on display. Isn’t she just amazing? At the end of the night, there was a white glove tea service and coffee.  I think this is the kind of restaurant I’d love to come back to celebrate a special occasion for like an anniversary or birthday! Ahh…their menu changes every month and I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I hope soon!

Dinner was an all night event and if you’re someone who really enjoys and can appreciate good food, The Kitchen is a must try. Congratulation Tara + Marc on your wedding day and I hope you have a relaxing time in Kaua’i!


One thought on “Sacramento – Part II

  1. jenny smith says:

    this looks AWESOME! what a great wedding idea!

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