Sacramento – Part I

I love that most airports now have WIFI! We’re on our way back from an amazing weekend in Sacramento so I just had to get this post going!! We were able to do a little bit of touring in Sacramento before Tara’s wedding yesterday, which was lots of fun since we had never been to the State Capitol before this.

First up, the California Museum! If you haven’t been here, I would totally recommend it. The exhibits are always changing and they’re quite interesting…

I thought of my friends…Megan, Mel, and Karen who all love reading + traveling…

Next up was the State Capitol tour, which was also pretty fascinating…

Here we are inside the assembly chambers and every county in the state has a window display in the annex. Of course we had to pose with San Luis Obispo 🙂

A five course dinner with beer pairing is a dream come true for Ricardo…Tara’s wedding coming soon for Sacramento | Part  II…


2 thoughts on “Sacramento – Part I

  1. meg says:

    Lovely books + travel. Indeed I do love the pics!

  2. MELI MEL says:

    I enjoyed this museum (especially the Lincoln exhibit) when I visited last summer for the first time. Glad you enjoyed it too. Btw, that restaurant/ reception looked like so much fun – I’ll have to check that restaurant out sometime.

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