Change for Twenty Eleven…

Hello Everyone! I don’t like that my first official post for 2011 is 7 days late, but changes for the new year already have me behind so hopefully that’s not a sign of what’s to come…

I have to be honest… 2010 was a very challenging career year for me. I was starting to grow comfortable and wanted a change, but the economy wasn’t in the best situation and the marketplace seemed quite competitive. I spent a lot of my vacation days going on interviews that didn’t seem hopeful or I found less than impressed, but I had faith that the wonderful Lord had a much bigger plan for me so I had placed my complete trust in Him. Besides, when something doesn’t work out…I remind myself that I’m being prepared for something far greater and I just felt so blessed that I even had a job to begin with.

After all the hoopla of more interviewing in the last few weeks of 2010, I received two offers one day apart and I didn’t know what to do. My goal last year was to apply to at least one job every week (52 weeks in a year) and looking back…I think I submitted close to 50 resumes. After careful thought and consideration, I knew where I wanted to be. Isn’t it funny how things work out? Everything was moving at the speed of light and before you knew it…I was packing up my cubie box and December 31st was officially declared my last day of work. The only problem was the holiday schedule and there were so many days off in my office, my two weeks notice quickly became three days. I’m lucky that I work with a very understanding company and they wished me nothing but the best when we parted ways.

It goes to show that things always work out.

I’m writing this post once again from the airport making our way up to Sacramento for a wedding this weekend. That’s right folks…3 weekends straight of non-stop traveling and we are totally pooped. We also gave our 30 days notice last night and by the end of the month, we’ll be moving into another apartment!! Ahh (I HATE moving)….to make it short, we were just getting a little fed up with the neighborhood and note to self, LOCATION matters.  Change is good…sometimes scary and frustrating…maybe even stressful, but always exciting!

So here’s to more change (good ones) for 2011!!!!!


One thought on “Change for Twenty Eleven…

  1. MELI.MEL says:

    Happy New Year, love! Change is definitely good (for the most part) and I’m glad everything is working out for you. I can’t believe you’re moving again!!! Well, have fun getting creative in your new space (both at home and work).

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