Happy New Year – From Las Vegas!

Happy New Year everyone! When Ricardo graduated months ago…I asked him what he wanted to do for New Year’s Eve?! We’ve never done anything crazy since he usually has school the same week, but now that he was done…he said VEGAS so Vegas it was!!

We woke up yesterday morning trying to decide whose idea was this. It’s nice to be home sometimes and we had barely unpacked from San Francisco yet so here we were packing again. I did the whole New Year’s Eve deal in Vegas when I was in college so I warned Ricardo that I’ll probably never do this again. He agreed that would be okay 🙂

After all that was said and done…I am really glad we went! We had an amazing dinner at Mesa Grill last night and brunch at the Bellagio this afternoon. I’m actually writing this post at the airport on our way home right now. I’m not sure if we’ll be back again soon since we’ve learned that Ricardo is practically allergic to the casinos. The smoke was just a little too heavy this time and probably because there were so many people. We had many memorable cab rides…one that literally made me throw up and another that almost had me peeing in my pants. We’re not going to lie…we were with some crazies at midnight on the strip, but had a whole bunch of fun…even in the frigid cold.

And of course I always LOVE the Bellagio Bontanical Gardens…

The desserts at Mesa were so delicious…the kind that puts you in your happy place! Since we had a prix fixe menu, we each had one dessert to order and since Ricardo was too stuffed to have anything sweet…I ordered us the two most popular desserts of the night to taste which was the deep dish banana cream pie and the toasted coconut layer cake. They were both heavenly divine and I’m daydreaming about them right now. The white peach margarita was also a hit! Yummy….

photo from Mesa Grill website

We didn’t hit it big, but we did come away with some winnings and that definitely makes us happy. So long Vegas and we hope to not see you any time soon…



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