‘Tis the Season for LOVE…

Hello, hello! I’ve been so busy lately… I’ve barely had time to blog, but I HAD to at least get in one last post before the new year!!! The Christmas season always seems to bring lots of joy and love and who could possibly resist?? Ricardo and I spent Christmas weekend in San Francisco this year and had a most wonderful time…we’ll have to fill you in later.

Onto more exciting news…I’m so happy for these macho macho men and lovely ladies who are now officially engaged!! They both said “yes” to marry their silly men the same week!! Can you believe that?? That they actually said yes!? I’m kidding of course…I think one of the best things about being engaged is when you have other girlfriends who are also engaged! My best friend and I married the same year and I have to say planning a wedding with her was an absolute JOY…and yes…I totally called her crying one night because of wedding woes, but she knew exactly what to say to keep me calm. Girlfriends are truly the best!

Robin and Irene…Congratulations! Ricardo and I are excited about your next adventure and what an adventure it’s going to be! Rob is probably one of the most hippest guys I know and now that he’s finally put it a ring on it…I hope his boss knows that his fiance is as pretty as he is and stops asking him about his “partner.”

Tim and Diep…Ricardo and I are happy like little hippo’s for you both! We wish you love, joy, and blessings for this exciting time in your lives. I would advise Tim to keep brushing up on his Vietnamese (I am quite impressed by your vocabulary by the way)…and I hope Diep is prepared for endless years of  fun times ahead with this never boring fellow. I’m sure there will always be delicious travels, followed by a hard workout afterwards 🙂

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! We’re off for Vegas tomorrow night so hopefully…I’ll be able to stay up until midnight. Ciao to 2010 and here we come 2011!!!!!


One thought on “‘Tis the Season for LOVE…

  1. Irene So says:

    Thanks Ange! I’m completely smitten! har har 😀 Happy New Year!!!

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