The White Elephant Gift Exchange

A few weeks ago, Ricardo and I went to a dinner party with some old college friends. To be honest…this was our very first white elephant gift exchange where we were allowed to steal gifts. We tried to be considerate and I thought we brought some fairly neat gifts…Ricardo brought a set of some nice beer/pub glasses and I brought a mix of sweet and salty gourmet kitchen treats.

While we were trying to get this game down, I somehow ended up with the ONE gift of the night that no one wanted to steal. Since I chose it and in many ways…it chose me, I wanted to embrace it and love it. The Everett family said it was made by some hardworking Honduran woman who probably had no idea what a snowman even was.

I feel sad that they had to give this gift up for some silly white elephant gift exchange so in the spirit of the holidays, I took all the photographs that we took that night and placed them inside this special album. They have a beautiful newborn and I wanted to gift their pretty family with Loghan’s First Christmas Album.

I truly believe  it came to me so that I can return it back to them filled with these special memories…I know they will thank me later. But I want to thank them…for allowing me to give them such a special gift. Merry Christmas Everett Family!

All wrapped up and ready to go in the mail…I can’t wait until they receive it!

*To view more photos from the album, please click here.


One thought on “The White Elephant Gift Exchange

  1. Elena says:

    Maybe next year I will give you something you don’t want… so you can send it back to me after you add your special touch! haha!!

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