Rambo’s First Roadtrip

We were very excited for Rambo’s first road trip. I was a little nervous about the drive, but I knew he would resort to doing what he does best…sleeping. He sleeps the whole day when we’re at work so I imagine he would eventually get comfortable for the car ride.

For some reason, he was extra snuggly this weekend. Maybe because he knew he wasn’t home and wanted to be close to us? Rambo LOVES feet…he likes to lick them, especially in between the toes so if you’re squirmish, you should wear socks in his presence. He apparently also loves cozy socks and pajama pants. With so many people he was meeting for the first time, I knew he would be exhausted by the end of the day and back to sleep he went. What a funny fellow!

Are you ready to meet him yet?


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