Sweet, Sweet Love!

There’s gotta be something in the Northern California water these days!

My dear and very long time friend Binh is now officially engaged to his lovely Jenn. Congratulations you two! I can honestly say they’re perfect for each other. I don’t know anyone else who can keep up with Binh’s dancing, but Jenn sure can and she can shake it just as good as he can.

There’s quite a few more engagements I’m waiting to hear about….ahem…you know who you are out there! So I’ll wait patiently and maybe the Christmas spirit will bring some sweet love during the holidays.

So I’ll include a confession in this blog to keep you slightly entertained. You see…I always thought I would be engaged during the holidays for some reason. It was Christmas morning 2007 and Ricardo was super excited to give me this small box. I was also waiting in anticipation because I thought…OMG…this might be it, BUT something didn’t feel right and I was right because it didn’t happen that day.

Fast forward a few months to Valentine’s Day 2008! Flowers were delivered to my office and I came home to rose petals all over our apartment and a beautiful candlelit dinner. It was utterly romantic and I was pretty darn confident that it was going to happen that night….but it didn’t. I was a little disappointed, but I was also just completely perplexed and confused more than anything. When you live together for as long as we have…you pretty much know when you’re ready for the next step so I thought for sure we were going in that direction.

But you know the saying that things happen when you least expect it? Sure enough it did one month later and I couldn’t have asked for it any other way. Ahhh….sweet love, who could resist?


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