Weekend at the Park…

We feel pretty guilty that Rambo’s alone for most of the week while we’re at work so we decided to spend lots of time with him this weekend to let him know how much we love him! We had a picnic lunch with him on Saturday and took him to a dog park on Sunday to make some friends. Both days left him exhausted and trust me…he doesn’t do much to get exhausted.

He’s always thinking he can do more than he’s actually capable of so we have to watch him really carefully. Dog don’t really sweat so when they’re tired and need to cool off…they do lots of heavy panting. We know when Rambo’s had enough because he splats out on all fours and that pretty much tells us he’s done. He does it without warning so we can just be walking and he’ll stop in the middle of the sidewalk and splat out. Funny guy…

Doggies need fresh water too so we carry a bottle around just for him…

And when he’s sleeping, I love sneaking him some kisses…

taken with camera phone


One thought on “Weekend at the Park…

  1. MELI MEL says:

    you two are the cutest dog parents 🙂 i want a pup!!!

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