Home Alone

Yesterday was Rambo’s first day at home alone and I was a nervous wreck! I probably called Ric 6 times at work…which was almost once every hour. We didn’t put up a doggie gate which allowed him free reign over the living room and kitchen area. All I could picture was a massive tornado or some type of armageddon when we came home with ripped out carpeting, chewed down coffee table, and a shredded couch.

Ricardo laughed at me all the way home enjoying every tense bone in my body…he knew I was so nervous. After the “initial investigation,” we spotted some paw indentations on the couch, but that was it. He was as precious as could be waiting for us to come home. I love him so much…no potty accidents, no chewing, nothing. Everything was as we had left it…what a relief!

Don’t let his cute sleepy face fool you…he looks like a monster when he’s up. He’s really so ugly he’s cute. After his walk, dinner, and more walking…it was 10 pm and our little bullie was knocked out snoring up a storm in the hallway. My other honey pie was so exhausted and completely pooped out too so he was already in bed also. With my two favorite men in bed…I stayed up a bit later to get some work done. Rambo eventually made his way next to Ric’s side of the bed and never left.

Today we had an appointment with the vet to make sure he was all okay since we are now his new parents. It’s all part of the rescue adoption program and I really like how they wanted to make sure he was okay. He was happy as can be on the way to the vet…Rambo loves car rides as much as he loves sleeping. Oh yes…he also loves scooby snacks.

Unfortunately…his left paw needs to be looked at and his eyes need to be checked which meant I had to leave him overnight at the animal hospital. Ricardo was completely heart broken when he came home to no bullie in the house, but he should be okay by tomorrow for pick up. We’re not sure what kind of life this little doggie had before he met us, but we’re going to get him all better again like new!


One thought on “Home Alone

  1. Valerie says:

    He is too precious!!!!!

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