Meet the Newest Navarro

For so long, Ricardo and I have wanted a dog. Since we’re such homebodies…we thought a dog would make a perfect companion, but we needed a breed that wouldn’t mind apartment living without a yard. Since we’ve moved into a bigger place that’s pet friendly…we decided to apply for a rescue dog. Applying for a rescue dog is taken extremely seriously…it felt like we were adopting a child and I know in many ways we were. After our application and home check were approved on Saturday, we waited for a match which could take several weeks. To our surprise…there was a match that same day and there was pretty much no waiting. There were so many things that were taken into consideration such as stairs, our lifestyle, and what kind of dog personality we were looking for. We have no children or other dogs so that was a plus…but we really needed one that would be a great fit for him and us.

We instantly fell in love and arranged for a meeting on Halloween morning at a park. On our drive to the park…all I could hear in my head was Savage Garden’s “I knew I loved you before I met you…I think I dreamed you into life….” Sadly, Ricardo doesn’t even know this song so after I serenaded him, he thought I was going crazy. But honestly…we were both really nervous! He didn’t let me go look at puppies a few months back because he was sure I would leave with one so now that the timing was right…we decided to go for it.

Things were moving really quickly and before you knew it…we were stopping at Petco for doggy items. He’s pretty mellow, a little lazy, and he sleeps a lot, which we don’t mind. Sometimes he thinks he’s a puppy so we have to be firm with him, but overall he’s a really sweet dog. We took him on a walk and I couldn’t believe how many times we had to stop because everyone wanted to pet him. He still needs a little bit of care, but for now we will give him all the love and attention we can. We’re on a two week trial and I’m hoping he does well in our home, but I guess we’ll know soon enough. We introduce you to our little 50 lb. english bulldog, Rambo aka Ram-Ram. He also goes by bullie, bull-doggie, and gordito until we figure this all out.

he loves to sleep


5 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Navarro

  1. meg says:

    He’s adorable! I like the name Gordito. Can’t wait to snuggle with him in a couple of weeks!

  2. Ada says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! He is too cute!!

    I hope he will do well these 2 weeks so you will get to keep him and I will get to play with him =)

  3. Jasmin says:


  4. Jenny Smith says:

    AAAWWWWEE! He is awesome! And that is coming from a cat person. He looks sooo cuddly!

  5. MELI.MEL says:

    OMG!!! He is such an adorable pup! Can’t wait to hear more in the doggy adventures arena. I want to meet him ASAP. Hope it works out!

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