Anthony + Christina | Engaged

I’m so excited because I heard wonderful news this past weekend that my dear friend Anthony is now ENGAGED to his lovely Christina. Antho was always popular with all the ladies, but every once in a while…I would sneakily try to see how long we could hold hands before he started to giggle and blush uncontrollably which would send me into hysterical laughter because his giggles are quite contagious.

He’s one of the most funniest guys I know and always smiling…even on days when we were all taking our final exams. I sent him an email this morning to congratulate him on the good news and he replied with such joy:

“Thanks Ange!  I’m still beaming with happiness this morning.  What a great way to start off the week – Feeling lucky to get a great fiance, and Giants make it to the World Series.  My emotions took a ride this weekend and I couldn’t have it any better than this.

We really miss you both!  Let us know next time you come up to visit.

Did I mention how happy I am today?”

Knowing how happy Antho is makes me almost tearful…Congratulations to Anthony + Christina and a life filled with holding hands!


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