Furniture Frustrations…

Ricardo and I are trying really hard to move out of the Ikea furniture stage in our life, but I just can’t seem to resist the AS IS section! We have a love hate relationship with this Swedish company. We first found the Hemnes dresser 5 years ago and it worked well with each of us taking one side of the drawers. And then when it didn’t fit in our bedroom, it made for a great console in our living room and now it’s back in our bedroom.

A year later, I picked up the Hemnes headboard for $10 and it actually worked out since our bed is higher on a metal frame and I prefer it without the foot board. It sort of looks like this (I LOVE that grey paint):

Just last night, I found the matching nightstand which I adore so there you have it…our whole bedroom collection from Ikea’s AS IS clearance section. The best part is probably not having to build it…I HATE assembling Ikea furniture and I think that’s when you realize why it’s so affordable.

Our wish list continues, but I will keep hunting on craigslist, dept. store clearance sections, and attempt to buy things only on sale or at thrift shops until I find…

Eames Inspired Office Chairs:

New Duvet Cover:

Small Dining Table:

Coffee Table:

Living Room Rug:

Office Rug:

All of this definitely adds up so I think if we manage to find one item per month until the end of the year…it’ll start to feel like home by 2011. They say a home is always in the works so I suppose we’ll always be working on it?

*click on images for links

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