Dazed & Confused…

Yesterday was one of those days that just seemed completely off! It was hard to put our finger on exactly what happened, but I’m sure this doesn’t just happen to us.

Customer Service Experience #1: We had stopped at The Cottage in La Jolla for breakfast on our way home. Ricardo picked the restaurant and he really surprised me by his choice. It was definitely my kinda place.

We sat on the patio feeling completely relaxed and comfortable. We were just having the most wonderful time. It must have been at least 10-15 minutes and no one had come over to greet us yet. I was starting to feel a little anxious so when the hostess passed by, Ricardo asked her if a server could please come by to take our order. 5 minutes later, this guy comes over and looks totally dazed and confused. I honestly thought he was high as a kite. He says hello and then does this finger pointing thing at Ric and was like Heeeyyy!

I gave Ric a funny look like “Do you know this guy?” and he must have read my mind because he asked the guy…”Uuuhh..do I know you from somewhere?” Then the guy looks at him all crazy and was like…”Do I? I don’t know…” I wanted to tell him, well you made it seem like you knew him!!! In any case…it got real weird after that. He said, “So no one’s come over yet? This isn’t my section, but I guess I’ll help you anyway.” He didn’t read us the specials and I felt cheated because I ALWAYS like to know the specials. He was kind of frazzled and short with us. He mumbled something I couldn’t make out and the whole situation just seemed out of place. He never came back to talk to us again and the girl who took over for him was even more slightly awkward. Fortunately…the food was deeelicious! At the end of our check, they gave us a comment card so I made a few notes and handed it off to the manager on our way out.

Customer Service Experience #2: At the end of the day, we headed to Trader Joe’s for our weekly grocery shopping. Sometimes the cashiers are a little too chatty for me, but I don’t mind it much. I think it’s part of their job.

This time…when we went to check out, the cashier didn’t acknowledge us at all. He started scanning our items and then started talking to the guy behind us for like 10 minutes. He was going on and on about his upcoming trip to Vegas and his whole life story. The guy had his own cart so clearly he didn’t think that guy was with us. I finished bagging and after Ricardo paid and we were pushing our cart away…he finally asked us how we were doing! We got into our car and looked at each other with blank stares. I asked Ric, “Is it just me or are we having some really weird customer service experiences today?” Then he said…”Yeah….did that guy just asked us how we were doing 800 years later on our way out?”

I know I’m not crazy right? I hope other people have strange customer service experiences to share with me…I’d LOVE to hear them!


One thought on “Dazed & Confused…

  1. meg says:

    What a weirdo!

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