Packages in Disguise…

I’m finally back! I didn’t really go anywhere, but things have just been so hectic at home and work lately, I’ve hardly had any time to do anything else. I guess our home is slowly coming together bit by bit. I sure wish I had hardwood floors though….because everything on them always looks really good instead of carpet. But then if I did have hardwood floors, I would probably be dying for a cute rug so maybe my problem is just finding a cute rug?

Our etsy shop has been quite busy and I wanted to finish up some orders before we left for San Diego this weekend so there was lots of wrapping last night. I can’t believe I found these cute rolls of wrapping paper at the dollar store this past weekend in San Luis Obispo. Even Ricardo commented on how much he liked them!! I was hoping he would use the word “cute,” but I’ve learned boys don’t like to use that term unless you’re specifically referring to them. I wish I had picked up a few more so maybe I’ll check our local dollar store after work today while the hubby gets a haircut.

Special Craft Tip: You can turn an old curtain rod into an awesome ribbon holder. I’m not really a big ribbon person, but don’t they look so pretty when they’re all displayed? It sure beats hiding away in my closet.

Special Savings Tip: I use  USPS priority envelopes and boxes for shipping because they’re free. I wrap them with pretty paper since I don’t generally ship priority and I promise no one would ever know. Unless you’re the recipient of course…hmm…I wonder if they’ll think I’m a thief or a fraud disguising my packages? I need to think about this one a little bit more.


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