Wedding Reception Confession

I have a confession. I’ll start from the beginning. Ed and I are practically BFF’s and he would call me frequently throughout his engagement to chit chat about wedding planning. Our girl talk goes way back to when we were in college. When I asked him about the menu…he told me the vegetarian dish was actually quite tasty so mushroom ravioli’s it was! Ric chose the steak as he always does.

Our table was full, but there was one person missing. Louie. He was busy video recording the wedding and was sitting at a table in the back near the camera. When I told him he was at our table…he was surprised to find out he even had a seat assignment so I told him if he chose steak and didn’t come for it…I was going to eat it! All playing aside of course.We laughed it off and it was so funny at the time.

Until…his steak came and he never came back for it. True to my word, I seasoned it and had steak for dinner. Priscilla even snapped a photo for proof. She’s so sneaky!!

I mean…someone had to eat it right? We had a ton of fun and there was absolutely no skimping on the open bar. I just can’t hang with these wild girls…

girls: jen, diep, ada, katy, karen, irene, priscilla | boys: joel, dan, derek, ricardo

Don’t the hubbies look so darling? Ricardo has a love for vests so he always wears one with his suit.

married couple cat & ed | katy + elaine | antho + dan | cute couple binh + jen

I love weddings!! Until the next one…

p.s. *thanks for the photo’s katy + priscilla

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