Baby Charis – First Visit

Gee…we really should have showered before visiting Charis. It had been a long day with missing our flight and taking the Bart into Dublin. Ric still had his Colorado scruffy mcscruff look going on. Charis sleeps a lot and I guess that’s all they do the first few weeks. I didn’t want to wake her, but a part of me did. She gave these sweet little yawns and opened her eyes every once in awhile, but quickly drifted away back to sleepy town.

Uncle car-car LOVED holding her…he’s a baby pro! Babies are the sweetest creatures ever made…I want one!!

Eachan snapped these photos since Anh was still at work, but they’ll be visiting again in October and staying with us for one night. I’m so excited!


One thought on “Baby Charis – First Visit

  1. Anh Truong says:

    Eachan did the snapping and I did the editing 😛 They were worst! LOL!

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